If You Can Go To Pella, Iowa on Tuesday, Go…..

If you live in Iowa or reside in any of its border states and if you can go to Pella, Iowa for Tuesday’s debut of the Undefeated…we’d recommend that you go.

Even though it sounds like only those who have received an invitation will be able to see the Undefeated Tuesday at the Pella Opera House in Pella, Iowa (and we will provide more information about the barbeque event that is scheduled to occur after the movie’s debut as it’s unclear at this moment whether it’s also invite-only or open to anyone), there is still a big reason for you to be in Pella on Tuesday even if you aren’t on the invite list.

Governor Palin may very well be evaluating the response that this movie about her political career receives. She has often spoken about how the person Republican and Republican-leaning independents want to face Barack Obama will naturally rise to the top. The sense I get is that Palin is trying to analyze the amount of spontaneous support that exists for her potential candidacy as she may view spontaneous support as one of the leading indicators of the strength of one’s support. If she sees a lot of people who have not received an invitation to see the Undefeated show up spontaneously in Pella on Tuesday to provide support for her potential candidacy, that may help push her in the direction of deciding to run for the presidency.

If the Governor does decide to run for the presidency, we can help make sure that the history books indicate that Tuesday was one of the turning points and that was the day that provided the Governor with conclusive evidence that she was the one Republicans and Republican-leaning independents wanted as their standard-bearer. If you can go to Pella, Iowa on Tuesday, go….

If you have any ideas on how to encourage others who can go to Pella on Tuesday to go, leave them in the comments.

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