If You Have Any Information on Parking and Other Public Areas in Pella, Iowa, Leave Them Here/Open Thread (Update on the Post-Movie BBQ)

Ok, here’s what we know and have been able to deduce about the events that will take place in Pella, Iowa on Tuesday afternoon/evening:

-The Undefeated, a movie about Governor Palin’s political career, will debut in Pella, Iowa on Tuesday at 5:00 PM CST at the Pella Opera House.

-Governor Palin will attend the debut at the Pella Opera House. It is unknown whether she will be arriving at the Pella Opera House in her bus. It is unknown at this time whether she will formally make any public pronouncement after or before the movie is shown at the Pella Opera House.

-Tickets to the movie are gone. It will also not be shown on a projector outside the Pella Opera House for those who are in Pella but were not able to obtain tickets.

-There will a post-movie barbeque held after the movie. Since the movie is about two hours long, it is reasonable to expect the barbeque to commence at around 7 PM CST.

-It is unknown at this time whether the barbeque will be open to anyone in the area or just open to those who attended the movie’s debut. However, the chances are extremely high that anyone will be able to attend the barbeque as long as they aren’t too drunk or belligerent.

-It’s unknown where in Pella, Iowa, the barbeque will be held.

-It’s unknown whether the Governor will make a formal public pronouncement at the start or end of the barbeque.

-Tammy Bruce and Jedediah Bila will be in Pella on Tuesday.

What we need to know right now from Iowans or anyone familiar with Pella is where people who do not have a ticket to either the movie screening or the barbeque can go park. We also need to know what is the best area for what will hopefully be a large group of Palin supporters to congregate outside the Pella Opera House. Is there a park across the street from the Pella Opera House? Or are the streets near Pella large and open enough to accomodate a large group of Palin supporters greeting the Governor with what we have referred to as spontaneous support? What is a good location to recommend for her supporters who do not have tickets to meet up?

Any advice that any of our Iowan readers can provide is welcome. Please leave comments so we can make recommendations. I’m turning the open thread over to you guys for your suggestions.

Update: Commentator Suehimel has a ticket to go the movie screening and she notes that “there is a park directly across the street from the Opera House.” So one suggestion is that anyone who doesn’t have a ticket should congregate at the park across the street from the Opera House until the Governor arrives. That may very well be the location of the barbeque. If you are already standing in the area where the barbeque will be held, it’s likely you’ll get your chance to stay.

Update #2: The location where the barbeque will be held will be close to the Pella Opera House.

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