If You Plan on Seeing the Undefeated, Drop a Comment Here/Open Thread

If you plan on seeing the Undefeated when it debuts on July 15th (you can purchase tickets here or vote for the movie to be shown at the closest AMC theater near you) or when it is shown next week in Iowa, New Hampshire, South Carolina, and Nevada (we are still awaiting details on exactly where and on what date the movie will be shown in these four states) or when it is shown at the Smart Girl Politics Summit in St. Louis on July 30 and the Red State Gathering in Charleston, South Carolina on August 12, drop a comment on this thread and let us know. Since the Governor is on jury duty and enjoying the summer fishing season on Bristol Bay, it’s up to her supporters to create positive news for her and you can do that by checking out the Undefeated with as many Palin skeptics as possible when it debuts next week and on July 15th.

Treat this thread as the open thread.

As for polling news, even the Daily Kos pollster concedes that she has the best favorable rating among Republican primary voters in Florida, a state that she does not have to win to win the nomination, among the likely candidates. Mitt “peacetime” Romney’s net favorable rating has dropped eleven points since the last Kos poll of Florida Republican primary voters in March. Bachmann’s net favorable rating among Florida Republican primary voters has only increased by one point since March despite the “bounce” she has received from her debate performance. Palin’s net favorable rating is up by eight points since March.

The actual Florida horserace poll tells us that Bachmann is pretty much at her ceiling. She won’t really have another opportunity to increase her numbers as she won’t be able to put together a performance that will be as “strong” as her performance at the first debate in New Hampshire. The Governor’s numbers have pretty much stayed flat as she considers whether to enter the contest. When you consider that only around a quarter of Republicans believe she will run for the presidency, she remains in decent shape as long as Bachmann/Cain don’t end up beating Pawlenty/Huntsman by a 27-6 margin as they do in Florida according to the Kos pollster. It is extremely doubtful that a guy like Jon Huntsman, who’s willing to buy meaningless straw polls, will not do everything in his power to make sure he finishes with at least 13% of the vote. Huntsman’s vote will come directly from Mitt “peacetime” Romney’s numbers.

Even Bloomberg’s pollster finds that her negatives among Republicans have dropped by six points since its last poll and the Associated Press’ pollster finds that her favorable numbers among Republicans is steady. She’s still leading the field in raw favorability despite the narrative that has been beat into Republican voters’ minds that she isn’t running.

50% of adults now disapprove of Barack Obama’s performance according to the Gallup daily tracking poll.

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