Illinois Organize4Palin–Standing for Right in the Bastion of the Left

Illinois is often seen as one of the bastions of liberalism—the California or New York of the Midwest.  Rather than cutting spending and reining in government growth during a time of economic downturn and period of massive deficits, our governor grew our state budget and increased state income taxes by 67% and corporate taxes by more than 40%. Especially with the conviction of former Governor Rod Blagojevich earlier this week (the 4th Illinois governor to be convicted of corruption since 1972), we could quite possibly even change our state motto to “Illinois: where the governors make the license plates”. In 2004, we elected Barack Obama to the Senate, which propelled him to the presidency just four years later. We’ve all become far too familiar with his failed leadership and poor policies and the effects those have on our nation. Such a recent political history may have the rest of the country asking, “what’s wrong with Illinois voters?”  Take heart. Not all of us support the incompetence, lack of leadership, and poor policies of those whom our state has elected. Actually, an increasing number of us have chosen to support someone who has effectively taken on massive spending and corruption—Sarah Palin.

Organize4Palin is a grassroots organization supporting Governor Palin and her commonsense conservative message all across the country.  Illinois Organize4Palin is one of the many state groups who are meeting and organizing all across the country. In the past month, we have held three meetings at locations throughout the state—from a local restaurant in suburban Chicago to a church classroom in the central part of the state to a bowling alley lounge in Chicago. A local restaurant, a church, and a bowling alley—just where you would expect down-to-earth, hard working Palin supporters to meet. The bowling alley where we met just last week is co-owned by one of our great volunteers. Check out the marquee at the bowling alley, in the heart of Chicago no less:

We have met to discuss various ways to support Governor Palin both on an individual level and on a group level. We’ve discussed specific events where we will be present in support of Governor Palin during this summer. Volunteers from Illinois have assisted with efforts in neighboring states over the past few months—from Governor Palin’s Tea Party speech in Madison, Wisconsin in April to the premiere of “The Undefeated” earlier this week in Iowa. We’ve supported Governor Palin through new media as well. One of our volunteers, Ellen, is instrumental in running the site Students4Palin—another group of Organize4Palin volunteers representing a constituency that President Obama once owned. Along the way, we’ve met more and more people who support Governor Palin. Another one of our wonderful volunteers shares this story from her cab ride following our Chicago meeting:

After I left the meeting, I caught a cab to the train station. The cabbie was friendly and talkative. In his heavily Greek accented voice, he asked why I was going from a bowling alley to the train station. I explained that I was at a meeting. He followed up, “A meeting at a bowling alley? What kind of meeting is held at a bowling alley?” I replied, “Political.”

He queried, “Democrat?” I shook my head, nope, more like… independent. He gave me a puzzled look as he could tell I was reluctant to give him more information.

After he stared me down I somewhat sheepishly replied, “It was a meeting to help organize for Sarah Palin.”

He asked, again, “At a bowling alley?” I replied, “The owner is a supporter, too.” He nodded as if it all finally made sense to him.

He smiled and said, “I really like her.” He said, “I’m a Republican but the field is full of no-goods like Romney and Gingrich.” (And, he pretended to spit.) “Good for you, do you think she’ll run?” I responded that we’re hoping she does and will be ready to help if she does.

Despite what the main stream media wants to tell us, there is no such thing as an “unlikely Palin supporter”. We cannot be labeled, nor placed in a box. We’re unique individuals supportive of a woman who binds the three legged stool of conservatism with the seat of integrity and character. Illinois Organize4Palin is comprised of former Hillary Clinton supporters, Republicans, independents, and formerly apathetic non-voters. We’re a polychromatic group of varying religious, educational, and backgrounds.  Our diversity is not only seen in our backgrounds, but in our reasons for supporting Governor Palin. Don’t take my word for it though. Let me introduce you to some of Illinois Organize4Palin’s volunteers and let them tell you themselves:

Organize4Palin volunteers in Urbana, Illinois (hometown of noted Palin Derangement Sufferers, George Will and Roger Ebert)

Organize4Palin volunteers in Chicago, Illinois

If you have not signed up with Organize4Palin yet, please do so here.  You can also follow Organize4Palin on twitter here and Illinois Organize4Palin here.

Game on!

Thank you to Stacy for her assistance with video editing.

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