It Was Not Palin That Changed In 2008, But Government And Media / Open Thread

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‘Palin 2.0’ – The Mainstream Media’s Attempt to Deny Sarah Palin’s Vindication:

The truth is that there is no “Palin 2.0.” Sarah Palin today is the same woman she was then, albeit with more battle scars (many in the back). She has not changed her political principles or tactics. The same themes that leap off the screen in The Undefeated–her ethics, her fiscal conservatism, her commitment to the public interest–remain her creed today.

It was not Sarah Palin that changed in 2008, but the government and the media.

When the financial crisis struck in September 2008, Sen. John McCain suspended his presidential campaign and raced to Washington to join then-Sen. Barack Obama and President George W. Bush in passing TARP. Right or wrong, that policy erased the major philosophical difference between Obama and McCain on the limits of government. Palin had to defend the bailout, though it ran counter to her own principles and policies.

McCain’s ineffective response to the crisis was the most important reason he lost the election. Yet even before the ballots had been cast, several senior McCain staffers began blaming Palin. They fed a mainstream media narrative about Palin and her personality, rather than admitting their own mistakes. Palin was indeed the victim: of bad politics and of bad policy, neither of her choosing, both of which she later disavowed.

Afterwards, Palin didn’t become more extreme, or more petulant. Rather, she remained true to her principles in a world where Democrats and Republicans had united to pass one of the most dramatic government interventions in our history, and the mainstream media celebrated each new expansion of federal power.


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