James Lewis: Governor Palin Snake-Charming the Media

A fun piece by James Lewis appears in today’s American Thinker.  Excerpts follow:

If you’re not laughing along with Sarah Palin’s playing Gotcha! with the media, you’re not paying attention.

Sarah Barracuda is playing the press for suckers, and they hate it. But they can’t they leave the story alone.  Result: weeks of excited headline coverage, free publicity galore, right up her alley. The media mob are cutting their noses to spite their faces.


Well, last week Sarah Palin scored 263,000,000 Google hits. In the last four weeks the score is 959,000,000, almost a billion. Free publicity. No Gotcha’s!

All the editors are screaming at their newsies, and those dogged news hounds are screaming back. You betcha.

Poor David Brooks is all upset. She’s not playing fair!


Normal campaigns have PR people to kiss the press’s ample buttocks in return for half-decent coverage. The Palin answer is that this is not a campaign at all… who needs a PR guy or gal? She just happens to be driving that big bus to primary states.

Shazzam! Sarah shows up in New Hampshire, just in time to take the wind out of Mitt Romney’s campaign. (She makes a nice apology the next day, but the damage is done. Oopsey! Didn’t mean to do that, Governor Romney. Just happened to be steamrollering through New Hampshire with dozens of TV satellite vans on my tail!) On she goes.

Then there’s the well-timed 24,000 email web dump, courtesy of the State of Alaska and some moronic state FOIA demand from the media.


The Left fell for Sarah’s sucker play. The New York Times called for volunteers to go through Sarah Palin’s emails as Governor of Alaska. The WaPo cried for help. Even the UK Guardian (a big power in the Leftist Party Line cabal) is desperately looking for data crunchers. The LA Times is wetting its collective pants.

I was afraid the mob would finally crucify Governor Palin. Who doesn’t have some dirt in 24,000 emails? Can the NYT or the WaPo pass that test? Not a chance. If we ever get a chance to read their in-house emails, ugly dirt will spill from every page. These are not nice people, our mediots, and they are very abusive — to each other, to their audiences, and to politicians. They run a reign of terror.

The result? The emails show that Palin ran a competent administration in Alaska, that she conducted tough negotiations with the oil companies, that the corrupt Republican blowhards over there hate Our Sarah as much as the Demagogue apparatchiks.  If there are any honest people still slogging through that mountain of emails, they may turn into Palin fans yet. So that non-scandal kept Sarah in the headlines for another couple of weeks.  Just like with the non-campaign bus, the media ended up exposing only itself. And the sight ain’t purty.


Read the whole thing.

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