Josh Painter Reviews “The Undefeated”

Today we present another review of The Undefeated, this one by Josh Painter at Texans for Sarah Palin:

Here’s a challenging assignment: write a review of Stephen Bannon’s potentially game-changing documentary “The Undefeated” after a number of appraisals have already appeared in both old and new media, from large market newspapers to suburban dailies, from Breitbart’s “Big” websites to “mom and pop” blogs. The film has been evaluated by reviewers of varying political persuasions from conservative to centrist to “progressive” feminist. They have approached “The Undefeated” from nearly every conceivable angle.

Some of the critiques are noteworthy for their excellence, including Dan Riehl’s most eloquent assessment, in which he explains how the movie penetrated through his tough-guy defenses and touched him emotionally; Lisa Mei Norton’s superbly detailed appraisal, in which she dares her readers to see the film; and John Nolte’s politically-charged review, in which he expresses his disgust with a corrupt media which hid the real Sarah Palin from much of America, while inventing and promoting a surrealistic and demeaning caricature of the governor.

These are tough acts to follow. Reviewers of “The Undefeated” at this stage of the game have to try to plow new ground, but we can’t escape a walk down some paths already traveled. So this review is meant to be neither synoptic nor rousing. That’s already been done, and done very well. Instead, I’ll just touch on the three major impressions the documentary left on me after viewing it for the first time.


As a committed Palin supporter, it’s difficult to put myself in the mind of a fence-sitter, and as a Reagan conservative, just as hard to try to image the thinking of a moderate or independent who fell for the anti-Palin media hype and accepted it as Gospel. But I do know a few things about communication and the psychology of marketing, and I’m convinced that if enough people – registered voters in particular – get the chance to see this powerful documentary they cannot help but be moved by it and have it challenge their preconceptions. Again, change enough minds, and you have changed the game. That’s the emotional and intellectual power of “The Undefeated.”

Read Josh’s entire review here. Be sure to note and bookmark the new URL for Texans for Palin.  Last night Ian posted some important information regarding The Undefeated in the evening open thread.  It’s worth repeating:

If you plan on seeing the Undefeated when it debuts on July 15th (you can purchase tickets here or vote for the movie to be shown at the closest AMC theater near you) or when it is shown next week in Iowa, New Hampshire, South Carolina, and Nevada (we are still awaiting details on exactly where and on what date the movie will be shown in these four states) or when it is shown at the Smart Girl Politics Summit in St. Louis on July 30 and the Red State Gathering in Charleston, South Carolina on August 12, drop a comment on this thread and let us know.  Since the Governor is on jury duty and enjoying the summer fishing season on Bristol Bay, it’s up to her supporters to create positive news for her and you can do that by checking out the Undefeated with as many Palin skeptics as possible when it debuts next week and on July 15th.


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