M. Catharine Evans: Waiting For Sarah

Another great piece in the American Thinker blog today, this one by M.Catharine Evans. She points out that there really is no difference between PDS on the left and right. The establishment Republicans and the liberals are equally terrified of Sarah Palin, but true conservatives can’t wait for her to enter the race.

After all Sarah Palin did last year to contribute to the GOP’s historical 2010 win, and all that she has gone through to shine the light on true conservative values, I am amazed how some of those on the right still disparage her.

Jeff Kuhner of the Washington Times, and a fill-in host for Michael Savage, echoed leftist reporters like Susan Milligan of U.S. News and Bill Keller of the New York Times.

Mrs. Palin (should she run) may be able to win the GOP nomination. The presidency, however, is a bridge too far. The media will eviscerate her. Outside of her intense base, she is despised and distrusted. She personifies the cheap politics of celebrity.

Really, Jeff? “The media will eviscerate her?” Where have you been for the past 3 years? She is probably the most vetted politician in U.S. history. Palin has withstood accusations of murder, a barrage of bogus charges as Governor (after her 2008 election loss — how scared are the Dems?), vicious attacks on her children, public death threats by various entertainers, a guerilla media obsessed with destroying her, and basement Obama zombies posting graphic pornographic messages about a mother of five on leftist sites. Is the governor’s integrity still intact? You betcha.


Something is definitely haywire when a GOP strategist like Alex Castellanos speaking on Meet the Press acknowledges Palin’s charisma and conservatism but doesn’t want her “in the race.”

I don’t see a place for her. I think the real Sarah Palin is Michele Bachmann, and she’s in.

Mr. Castellanos is practically terminal from PDS. The ex-governor from Alaska isn’t ‘real’ enough to even exist on her own. Seriously? Along with the Jeff Kuhners and the George Wills, elitists like Castellanos are determined to kill off the Republican Party.

While they beat the bushes looking for acceptable RINOs to run against Palin, real conservatives can’t wait for the 2008 Vice-Presidential candidate to announce that she’s running.  Contrary to Kuhner’s contention, the Wasilla warrior is more than ready to cross the 14th Street Bridge, march up to Pennsylvania Avenue, turn left and walk right into the White House.

h/t Doug Brady

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