Mitt Romney Snags Coveted Al Gore Endorsement; Updated

Devastating news.  In the past several weeks Mitt Romney has been lauded by a treasure trove of movers and shakers whose mere words can cause political upheaval in the corridors of power. From Meghan McCain and Alec Baldwin to Kathleen Parker, the Mittster’s fans are a veritable Who’s Who of esteemed conservative thinkers. But these momentous endorsements, influential as they will be to primary voters, pale in comparison to his latest, via The Hill:

Former Vice President Al Gore on Wednesday praised GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney for his acknowledgement of global climate change.

Gore, who has championed climate issues since losing the 2000 presidential race, posted a note on his blog that praised Romney for being consistent on his position that humans have contributed to rising global temperatures.


Gore offered Romney similar praise last year after the former Massachusetts governor reiterated his position in his memoir, No Apology.

After this key endorsement, we might as well cancel the primaries.  It’s with a heavy heart I say this, my friends, but what’s the point of continuing?  All of the Mittster’s rivals for the nomination, whether declared or undeclared, were already reeling from having failed to secure the prized Meghan McCain endorsement, and now this.  Oh well, it’s not like the six non-Romney candidates who participated in Monday’s gruntfest were trying anyway.  Now we know why. The Algore has spoken. We’d better get used to this, I guess:

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Update: (h/t Whitney) Another highly sought endorsement for Mitt, via Weaselzippers.

Update II: Another portentous endorsement could be coming Mitten’s way. Rumor is that Romney’s people are in high-stakes negotiations to secure the weighty endorsement of Democrat luminary Anthony Weiner. People familiar with the talks say, off the record of course, that although the New York Congressman is driving a hard bargain, Romney is nevertheless tightening his grip on Weiner’s endorsement. Stay tuned.

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