New Video: Governor Palin’s Complete Remarks to Crowd at Pella Opera House; Updated: More Video From Pella Added

A new video, shot from a better angle, of Governor Palin’s complete impromptu speech at the Pella Opera House has surfaced courtesy of Iowans4Palin. Enjoy.

(h/t excopconservative)

Update: C4P commenter “teledude” explains where the above video came from:

This was shot for my blog by my daughter who accompanied me to the movie. We had front row seats and it was awesome. Certainly a day I will never forget!

Thanks for posting this here!

Here is the link to my write up and the video on my blog:


Update II: (h/t unseen1) More video from Iowa via David Brody at CBN:Update III: C4P reader “cuatrocinco45” left a couple excellent comments about Governor Palin’s fiery speech in this thread. They’re close to my thinking, and both are well worth sharing:

Comment #1:

This was very impressive. To say that, no notes, no telemprompter, no script, just from the heart. I don’t think there’s too many out there who’d do as good a job. Even in that brief made-up-on-the-spot speech she still mentions thing like indivual rights and freedoms, the US being a republic, limited govt, the religious foundation,…all things that Obama never talks about. The whole time deflecting attention on herself and focusing it on the “team” or on others. Even making an allusion to America The Beautiful on the fly.

I don’t know if any other GOP candidates could say something like this because I don’t know if they really feel it. I know Obama doesn’t.

Hopefully this gets seen by a much wider audience. Much like the Madison speech the media will do their best to hide it so we need to find other ways to get it out there. Putting it on the SarahPAC site or on the FB page would be a great idea.

This is the kind of thing that if it was just presented to people and they had no idea who said it they’d love it. It’s the kind of thing that if any other GOP candidate said it even as a prepared text let alone spur of the moment, the media would be falling all over them.

But in order to say something like this you have to believe in it first, you have to feel it within you. And it’s clear that she does.

Comment #2:

Here’s a clip of Reagan’s impromptu speech at the 1976 convention that has praised to the heavens. I have to be honest and say I think what she said is just as good, if not better in some respects. And that is high praise indeed.…

here’s the transcript:…

Not everyone can speak off the cuff for almost 8 minutes like she did and have it sound as good. I’d like to see Obama or anyone in the GOP field without a script for even 2 minutes.

So hopefully this clip gets wide circulation and really gets out there. Because it’s “gold, Jerry, gold”, as Kenny Bania would say.

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