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Guest submission by: Gene Brown

Barack Obama won the presidential election in 2008 by almost 10 million votes.

The election of 2008 was considered to be a high water mark in presidential election turnout. Slightly more than 130 million Americans cast their ballots, the highest percentage of voters since either 1960 or 1968 depending on which table you read.

If you look at the simplified statistics of that election, they come out something like this. For every 21 American citizens, 7 voted for Barack Obama, 6 voted for John McCain, one voted for another candidate, and 7 citizens didn’t even bother to vote. The usual number of civically lazy voters is 10.

So, the historical aspect of electing the first black man to the most powerful office in the world cannot be over looked. I can’t imagine thinking this way myself. However, millions of Americans voted for Barack Obama solely to participate in an historic event, and to forever prove that they were not racists.

Unquestionably, many Obama supporters are still happy with their rose-colored glasses and still see him as the best man for the position.

However, any American with the ability to recognize cause and effect should realize today, that voting for Barack Obama three years ago was a huge mistake. The question then surfaces, what will those individuals do: perpetuate their mistake, turn and vote for the other party, or stay at home?

Americans who believe in peace at all costs and probably cried when Obama won the Nobel Peace Prize have to be confused with our continued operations in Iraq, expanded operations in Afghanistan, and the new confrontation in Libya.

Americans who fervently believe that the earth is doomed because of Global Warming are probably irritated that Obama’s promise of Cap and Trade will not happen.

Americans who thought Obama would fight for amnesty for illegal aliens should feel aggravated that The Dream Act is just a pipe “dream.”

Americans who have lost their home, the value of their home, or their job have probably lost faith in President Obama.

Americans who expected free health care immediately will be chagrined to learn that the taxes start now, but the services don’t start for another 3 years.

Human nature being what it is I believe that those seven votes that Obama received in 2008 will dwindle to five or less.

Since he can’t and won’t run on his accomplishments, he will do his level best to smear his candidate and muddy the waters so as to ensure that the 7 voters staying home increases to the historically normal 10 voters or even higher.

If there is any wisdom in the upper echelons of the Republican Party, they will run the candidate who can best articulate the failures of President Obama, and passionately extol Conservative values.

As a bonus, those Americans who respond to historical events can be swayed to stay in the fray and vote, and this time they can prove they are not sexists.

That’s my nickel.

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