Palin Dismisses Geithner on Debt Ceiling/Open Thread

She spoke with Hannity in New Hampshire. Apparently, that interview will air tomorrow. In any event, here’s the news:

Governor, it’s time to leave Fox News. Fox Ups The Ante Against Governor Palin

Rush Limbaugh: Sarah Palin vs. The Establishment

Limbaugh speculates on what gave rise to Krauthammer as an opinion maker

She told CNN at the clam-bake: “Why should everybody jump in there right now and start beating each other up in the primary process, showing the other guys our playbook already? Why should we do such a thing? There is plenty of time for that.”

We have to get back to what made America great,” she told bystanders. “The goal here, as it has been with the bus tour, is to get people to understand how important the American spirit is.”

Palin dismisses Geithner on debt ceiling

“Sarah Palin spent Thursday night at a classic New Hampshire campaign-style event, spending almost two hours milling around on the lawn of a seaside home eating clams and chatting with voters.”

Obama administration suddenly likes Palin wildlife management strategy

Here’s her message from Freedom Trail and some pictures.

Doctor Zero: “Palin did Romney a favor by politely and clearly stating some of the most compelling arguments against him.”

If you want to prevent Trump the chump from going third-party, vote for Governor Palin.

If you come across any video of her remarks in New Hampshire, let us know. What else is going on today?

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