Rush Limbaugh on Margaret Thatcher, Governor Palin and 2012

This is excellent. On his program today, Rush spent the entire opening monologue talking about Governor Palin.  He first throws cold water on the phony Margaret Thatcher story which, as David noted yesterday, originated in a British Tabloid whose credibility is on a par with the Daily Kos.  After that, he turns his attention more specifically to Governor Palin.  He notes that if she enters the race, she’ll be the one to beat in 2012.  It’s a lengthy clip but you don’t want to miss any of it, courtesy of MrTimotheus85.

After Rush’s first commercial break, he talks to a liberal political science professor who called in from Missouri. He basically confirms Rush’s contention that the reason the Left is spending so much time attacking Governor Palin is because they fear her above no other Republican, and he expresses incredulity that she’s being attacked by those in her own party.  You can listen to that here.

Update: While we’re on the topic of 2012, Rush also talks about the Mittster’s adoption of Obama’s position on man-made global warming last Friday.  Rush’s reaction: “bye-bye nomination, another one out”. Click below to watch via The Last Tradition.

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