Sarah Palin and the Piranha Press

Guest submission by: William Garvin

Back in 1986, the media took a massive clown pratfall. After much ballyhoo and hype, Geraldo Rivera opened Al Capone’s safe and found…NOTHING! Recently, the main stream media exacerbated this ineptitude. The New York Times and the Washington Post managed to get the state of Alaska to release 24,000 pages of Sarah Palin’s emails.

Yes, this is the same Sarah Palin that these “august” press icons had declared to be “irrelevant” and whose “political career was finished.” So exactly why was there a school of thirty-strong press piranha in Alaska and what did they find?

Given that volume of information, with their flesh-eating press corps, with their enlisted army of “citizen readers”, surely the piranha feeding frenzy would find a smoking gun, a sinister cover-up, a shadow government, evidence of malfeasance and hopefully, criminal wrongdoing.

In fact they found…NOTHING!

That is to say, they found nothing of substance to support their preconceived biases and further their vindictive assassination of all things Palin. What they did find was evidence of a very hands-on and knowledgeable Governor in Alaskan oil and gas policy and its relationship to United States energy independence. They found someone who was very interested in conservation and fish and game issues.

They also found a hard working Governor who not only pursued ethics reform but took on a wide range of corruption in Alaskan politics including some in her own party. She was a tireless advocate for smaller, more efficient government and for second amendment rights despite a plethora of death threats against her. Of course this does not fit the destructive yarn they choose to fabricate so the piranhas were called home and the story was killed.

If Sarah Palin is truly irrelevant as the supposed intelligentsia and ruling class claim, why are they still suffering from Palin Derangement Syndrome and why are they addicted to “every move she makes and every breath she takes”?

If she was a candidate for public office that would be one thing but it is hard to imagine that there is anything more to be learned about this totally transparent life given the last three years of microscopic analysis. Of course there is always the truth but don’t expect to find that in the main stream media.

Is it a question of priorities? The press could have covered the latest developments from the Strategic Arms Treaty that shows Russia has only 521 strategic launchers but START allows them 700; they have 1,537 warheads but START allows them 1,550. They have stated their intentions to build up to the limits while the United States must reduce its launchers by 25%. Who negotiated that bonehead deal?

The press is either cowardly or complicit.

Since the President says the “rich” should pay more taxes and since the Vice-President says it is “patriotic” to pay taxes, why did they both claim all available charitable deductions? These two rich guys could have foregone those deductions and voluntarily showed their patriotism. The press could have pointed this out but they are either cowardly or complicit.

When the President said “Shovel ready was not as…uh…shovel ready as we expected” there was virtually no press follow up. The President and his Council of Economic Advisors (most who fled back to academia) failed in their problem analysis, failed in their data collection, and failed in selecting an effective economic solution.

Since the Great Depression, recessions have lasted an average of ten months with the longest being sixteen months. As of May, thanks to the disastrous economic policies of this President and his egghead advisors, this recession is at 41 months and counting. One thing is certain: this is the WORST RECOVERY since the Great Depression! The media doesn’t cover this because they are either cowardly or complicit.

Wait…breaking news…Sarah Palin misspelled a word on Twitter. Let’s get our ace reporters right on it!

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