Sarah Palin: Residents Hit Hard in Massachusetts

She posted the following on her PAC and she’s headed to New Hampshire:

Drove through the rough weather last night in Massachusetts, hoping folks are safe this morning as residents survey the aftermath. Our prayers are with the victims of yesterday’s twisters and all those who are faced with what may seem insurmountable rebuilding challenges. The damage we saw was shocking.

It was an honor to meet great MA residents as we pulled off I-91, heard their concerns and hopes for their state and country, and shared their appreciation for the East Coast’s inspiring history. We handed out copies of the Constitution and asked that they help explain our nation’s blueprint to their children. I was happy to be invited to call in to local radio station WTIC to talk about our nation’s foundation and our victories, respecting the blessings a child provides – including our most special kids with special needs, and impressive UConn basketball programs.

Obviously in these parts the storm’s widespread damage is the focus today. May these resilient MA residents find strength to move forward. God bless them.

– Sarah Palin

If any of you can find the audio for her WTIC interview, send it to us.

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