SarahPAC: Setting the Record Straight: About False Quotes Attributed to Governor Palin; Updated: Politico Retracts

SarahPAC posted the following in response to false quotes attributed to Governor Palin here, at Politico:

An absurd opinion piece in Politico includes a quote attributed to Governor Palin that is a total fabrication and yet is deliberately written to appear as if it is a legitimate direct quote. By any standard this is unacceptable even for an opinion piece. This puts us in mind of a real quote of something Governor Palin actually did once say to the media: “Quit making stuff up.”

Update: Retracto, the Correction Alpaca, weighs in here:

We call on Politico to issue a retraction and apology to Mrs. Palin.

Update II by Doug: Via The Blaze, Politico finally issued a retraction:

Politico must have heard the Momma Grizzly’s roar. If you go to the piece now, the quotes have been removed and a statement appears at the end:

CORRECTION: An editing error caused a false attribution in an earlier version of this column. A comment by the authors was transformed into a direct quote from Sarah Palin. She never said the words attributed to her. Those words were written by the authors.

Palin has not yet responded to the correction. But I’m not sure she has to.

The depths to which Politico will stoop to gin up a phony controversy between Governor Palin and another potential candidate is breathtaking, but not surprising.

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