Site Update: The New Open Thread

As of Sunday, July 3 2011, we’re discontinuing the open threads on the main page.  The open thread will now appear only at the top of the sidebar. They will not contain any content but will be replaced with a clean thread on a regular basis. You’ll be able to access previous posts from the menu bar by selecting “New Open Thread” from the “More” tab.

The reason we’re doing this is because the open threads break away from the previous day’s posts and often important posts and those posted late at night go unnoticed. Removing the open thread from the main page will keep all the important posts flowing.

Ian’s evening threads will no longer be titled as open threads either; they will now become round up posts when there are things to round up. Those may not appear every day.

We may still have open threads when necessary. For example, if we have some kind of live-stream, speech, an event, or on important election nights when we keep updating election results, we’ll put up an open thread.

We want to take this opportunity to kindly ask you again, to please stick to the topic at hand in all posts and for all off-topic discussions, please use the new open thread on the sidebar.

Use this as the open thread for the evening. Provide us with an update if you are at the Minnesota book signing. The Governor’s jury duty reportedly begins tomorrow.


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