Six Clues Palin Is Running For President

We have the best commenters on C4P. We really do. I had to snag this comment by GoldenPrez on Stacy’s post today and throw it out for everyone.

But before I share that, I thought I would add that when I was back in high school, a popular phrase was, “Get a clue.”

When it comes to media and everyone doubting whether Palin is running for president, I can only say, “Get a clue.”

Here are six CLUES for the doubters courtesy of GoldenPrez.

Posted by Golden Prez

How many times, and ways, can I keep saying this until it finally sinks in?


This decision, by Mrs. Palin and her family, was made immediately before she resigned as Governor of Alaska. In fact, it was one of the principle reasons for her resignation.She knew, as anyone who analyzes that decision, that she could not run for the Presidency while fighting off the frivolous lawsuits of her enemies for 2 years.

She knew she needed to be free to travel the U.S. and connect with the American people. Which she has done exceptionally well.

That decision, was the start of her “campaign.”

One need only ask some basic questions to determine Mrs. Palin’s intentions.

1 – For what reason would Mrs. Palin insert herself into the 2010 election cycle? Why go out of her way to “endorse” local candidates all over the United States? And mostly TEA Party and grassroots conservative candidates?

2 – For what reason would Mrs. Palin take her entire family on a “bus tour” of historic sites around the United States? The key here is the BUS. If she wanted to tour these sites, she could easily do it in her family vehicle. Why stir up all the attendant media coverage?

3 – For what possible reason would Mrs. Palin need a movie about her political career? Remember, she had her staff approach Mr. Bannon about making some “short” segments. It was Mr. Bannon who made the decision to make a 2-hour movie, using his own money. Why didn’t she just say no?

4 – Why is she supporting this movie with appearances all over the United States? What is the point of traveling all over the U.S., generating press coverage everywhere, and shaking hands and speaking with people, voters, in every locale?

5 – Why are there O4P organizations in over 30 states, especially in all of the early primary states? Why didn’t Mrs. Palin just tell these people to stop? Is she that callous, that she would allow these people to waste their time and energy in this manner?

6 – Why does Mrs. Palin, a native and proud Alaskan, with a television series to prove it, need a home in Scottsdale, Arizona? Wouldn’t this be a complete jolt to her entire family? Where is Todd Palin going to find work on an oil rig, or pipeline, in Arizona?

Why don’t you all just accept that Mrs. Palin is running for the Republican nomination for President, and act accordingly?

This is not 2008. The political landscape has changed dramatically, and drastically. Mrs. Palin is an “unconventional” candidate. She is running against the “establishment” GOP, which is as opposed to her as the Democ-rats. Both wings of the Ministry of Propaganda are against her.

Luckily, elections are decided by the “people,” not the “ruling class” or the “elites.” And the Republican primaries, historically low-turnout, are decided by energized voters, and local GOTV initiatives. In the world of 2012, this means the conservative grassroots. Mrs. Palin is solidifying this group with every move she makes.

If you need an announcement, here is a suggestion: Pretend that she has already announced and act accordingly.

I am totally bewildered by this “announcement” nonsense. I want someone to give me one, ONE, good reason why a lack of announcement means she is NOT running!

I defy anyone to take this challenge.

Believe none of what you hear, and only half of what you see.

Illegitimi non carborundum.

Fundamental Restoration Of America!

Barracudas Maximus

I would also add a couple more bonus clues to this.

If she’s NOT running …

Why would SarahPAC treasurer, Tim Crawford, tell supporters how critical it is for as many Americans as possible to see The Undefeated?

Why would Governor Palin hire Michael Glassner as her chief of staff? Glassner managed Bob Dole’s presidential campaign, and also managed her vice presidential run.

Why would Governor Palin hire Peter Schweizer, a fellow at the Hoover Institution, as her new foreign policy advisor? Schweizer is the author of many books on Reagan, Bush and penned a book on the financial crisis.

Why would Governor Palin launch her One Nation bus tour to highlight our nation’s history and to suggest that we must remember where we came from to get through the challenges ahead?

Finally, watch this video of her impromptu speech in Pella and try to explain why someone not running for president would attempt to link her record in Alaska to timeless American values. She is obviously running. She is obviously drawing a comparison between the good government principles she and her team pursued in Alaska and the kind of leadership we need in Washington D.C.

As to why she hasn’t announced?

Two reasons, in my view:

1. She is supremely confident. Think Kobe Bryant/Dirk Nowitzky confident. She knows once she jumps in the race, the game is hers. She knows her ground game is being quietly assembled by people who are passionately committed to helping her win the presidency. She is likely doing things behind the scenes, as well. Remember how surprised everyone was about the bus tour, the movie, and the house in Arizona? What else will we be “shocked” to learn in coming weeks?

2. This is war. She is not going to give her opponents any advantage. She wants them to waste their efforts preparing for a no-Palin campaign and then have to suddenly adjust to her presence. In other words, she’s toying with them. Meanwhile, she can prepare under the radar, conserve resources, and scout her competitors.

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