So Who’s Going to Pella, Iowa on Tuesday Without an Invitation to See the Undefeated

We’re still awaiting any information about the barbeque that will take place after the Undefeated debuts in Pella, Iowa, on Tuesday. We don’t know whether it’s open to the public or will be only open to those who have tickets to attend the movie.

Several regular commentators here have been able to secure tickets to go see the Undefeated at its debut Tuesday in Pella, Iowa. I’m wondering who here has not been able to get a ticket to see the movie but plans on going to Pella anyway just to show support. If you are someone who plans on going to Pella on Tuesday without a ticket to go see the movie, leave a comment on this blog or e-mail us about how you want to organize what will hopefully be a large display of support for her candidacy.

I’ll reiterate that it could be very important that you head down to Pella even if you don’t have a ticket to see the movie just to show support for the Governor. Perhaps the spontaneous support that she will hopefully see in Pella, Iowa, on Tuesday will be what finally convinces her to make an announcement that she’s running for the presidency if she has not already arrived at a decision.

It’s been a long time since the Governor has held a public event where people knew exactly where she was going to be and at what time. It’s been a long-time since she’s had an interview on a network that gets more than a million viewers. What happens on Tuesday may turn out to be one of the turning points that finally convinced the Governor that she should run for the presidency.

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