FYI: You Won’t Be Admitted to the Post-Movie Barbeque in Pella, Iowa If You Do Not Have a Ticket to the Movie and Barbeque (Update: Limited Tickets Are Now Available Due to Demand)

I’ve updated the post to reflect the reasonable concerns that some had with the original title.

You won’t be allowed to attend either event if you do not have a ticket.

Yes, I recognize that I posted around ten posts on this subject encouraging people to go to Pella without a ticket but it appears that I missed the purpose of the event. The entire purpose of the event was to keep things local and low-key and limit it primarily to Iowans and Pellans. I was operating off my own conjecture.

So if you made plans to go to Pella without a ticket, make your own decision based on this information. I apologize for any confusion.

Update: Due to demand, additional tickets are now available on a limited basis.

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