The Daily Kos Pollster Shows that Palin and Romney Share the Lead

I don’t even know what to say:

Palin 16%
Romney 16%
Pawlenty 13%
Cain 12%
Bachmann 9%
Paul 9%
Gingrich 9%
Huntsman 4%

No other pollster in America shows Pawlenty anywhere near 13% nationally but this poll provides support for the argument that the better the Huntsman/Pawlenty duo do, the worse it is for Mitt “peactime” Romney. The Huntsman/Pawlenty duo actually holds its own against the Bachmann/Cain duo in this poll. The good news is that the Bachmann/Cain duo is likely to fade while the Huntsman/Pawlenty duo will likely grow stronger.

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