The Des Moines Register Pollster, Ann Selzer, Embarrassingly Excludes Governor Palin From Its Iowa Poll (Update)

It’s embarrassing whenever a pollster exercises editorial judgment to create a narrative and that’s what the Des Moines Register pollster, Ann Selzer, did by excluding Governor Palin from its Iowa poll. Here is how the field looks in Iowa without Governor Palin in the race:

Romney 23%
Bachmann 22%
Cain 10%
Gingrich 7%
Paul 7%
Pawlenty 6%
Santorum 4%
Huntsman 2%

Ann Selzer is now the third pollster to exclude Governor Palin from their polling. Scott Rasmussen and Dick Morris did it earlier this week. Excluding Palin’s name from polling strikes me as another way to pound the narrative into Republican voters’ minds that the Governor is not running and unfortunately, only around a quarter of Republicans have been strong enough to fight the narrative.

I’ll admit that excluding her name from polling is a good way to prevent Palin from gaining momentum.

Update: Some people have brought up that the pollster only included declared candidates. That point is irrelevant. The pollster should not have only included declared candidates. Under this logic, no poll would have been conducted between 2009-2011 because we had no declared candidates.

By only including declared candidates, the pollster creates a narrative. This pollster just made Michele Bachmann appear a lot more viable than she actually is in reality. By making Bachmann appear viable, that makes things a lot more difficult for Palin considering that some people who say they support Bachmann now may be willing to stick with her under the perception that she is viable.

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