The Media Is Reporting that Michele Bachmann Leads a Montana Poll…Where She Trails Governor Palin (Update)

The headlines suggest that the Daily Kos pollster has Michele Bachmann leading in Montana. I really don’t know how Bachmann can “lead” in a poll where she trails Governor Palin:

Palin 20%
Bachmann 18%
Romney 17%
Gingrich 9%
Paul 9%
Cain 8%
Pawlenty 7%
Huntsman 4%

I guess in some type of alternative reality, a reporter can actually run the headline that “Bachmann leads the GOP field” based on these poll results.

Even the Daily Kos pollster is conceding in the three polls that it has conducted post-debate that Palin’s net favorable rating exceeds Bachmann’s. That means even with all the positive press that she has received post-debate and with Governor Palin relatively quiet in recent months that Bachmann has not been able to get ahead of the Governor in terms of favorability.

Palin’s support has pretty much held steady and her favorability numbers among Republicans have steadily improved in recent months when she has been out of the spotlight. Bachmann is at her ceiling and can only go downhill from this point as she won’t get as good press as she’s getting now.

Update: If you ignore this sily “intensity index” garbarge (and even Palin’s intensity index has increased by 4 points from a month ago despite being out of the spotlight), the Governor is the only one with a favorable rating over 60% according to Gallup among Republican and Republican-leaning indies if you do the math (multiply the candidate’s overall favorable numbers by their name recognition number):

Palin 67%
Romney 60%
Bachmann 48%

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