The New Palin Movie, the Undefeated, Is Not Aimed At Her Supporters But Rather Everyone Else

As you know, the Undefeated, a movie about Governor Palin’s political career, will debut this evening at the RightOnline conference in Minneapolis. It will be shown in Iowa, South Carolina, New Hampshire, and Nevada later this month. Its formal debut is on July 15 in select AMC theaters nationwide. If you are not close to an AMC theater that is scheduled to show the Undefeated on the 15th, you can still vote for the movie to be shown at a theater near you here when the number of cities in which the movie will be shown increases.

I was lucky to get a sneak-peak of the movie and one thing that stood out to me was that the target audience for the movie wasn’t Palin supporters. It’s pretty clear that the movie is geared towards three different groups: 1) those who have a generally soft unfavorable opinion of her because of what they hear on the news; 2) those who are ambivalent about her; 3) and those who don’t think she’s up to the job of being President.

I think that if anyone from these three groups actually sees the movie, their minds will change. That’s why it’s important to promote this movie as much as possible not just to her supporters but to anyone who falls into one of the three categories that I mentioned.

The Undefeated chronicles her mayoral and 2006 gubernatorial campaigns. The movie relies upon diverse and different narrators, including Governor Palin’s voice from Going Rogue to State Senator Con Bunde to former State Senate leader Rick Halford. You’ll see some amazing footage from her campaigns that you’ve probably never seen before. The Undefeated then goes through her time as an oil and gas commissioner and Governor and details each one of her major accomplishments. The Undefeated also does a great job in describing the turn of the events that led to her resignation as Governor in 2009.

The reason why I believe the movie works is because it uses news clips to support the assertions that the narrators make about Governor Palin’s leadership. Ironically, the #palinemails that were released also back up the assertions made by the narrators in the movie. It’s a two-hour movie but the pace of the movie works so well that it doesn’t feel as if you’ve spent two hours watching a movie. Many of her accomplishments deal with complicated subjects and discussion of those subjects can be dry if it is not presented in a compelling manner. The Undefeated succeeds in doing just that when it comes to showing viewers how much she was able to accomplish and maintaining the viewer’s interest at the same time.

The Undefeated is indeed a potential game-changer. However, we need your help to make it one. We need you to promote the movie everywhere and to everyone you know who may fall into one of the three groups that I mentioned. It’s geared towards them. It’s our job to make sure that they see it. One big calling card that you can cite is the fact that many center-left news publications have seen it and have given it the same praise that I have given it.

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