The Undefeated Shows True ‘Hope and Change’

Submitted by Lou Gutnicki

Obama’s “Hope and Change” is evaporated. It was a fairy tale anyway. What we really have is disappointment and fear. From near 10% unemployment to insane food prices. From golf while the Gulf drowned in oil to the bitter pill of government health rammed down an unwilling population. Allies to the lions but coddle despicable despots. Did anyone sign up for this change?

Honest hope is not gone though. We Americans have been here before and we always knew what to do.

One way to judge the impact of the Sarah Palin documentary is to Google “The Undefeated Palin” without quotes. Three and a half million hits! Amazing, and so many are experienced writers that penned sophisticated reviews. You’re probably thinking, “Great, I can stop reading now and check out the reviews on the internet.” That’s a fabulous idea. Though before you go, please first spend a little time with me.

I must confess. I am one of the more than three million Palinistas, us guys who were smitten by the unpolitician – unconventional politician who says what she means and means what she says. Natch I jumped at the chance to see a special viewing of  The Undefeated movie and on Broadway no less. It was unreal.

I just had navigated the evening Manhattan hordes to get to the show. I get upstairs barely on time and the movie opens up to the majestic unbridled Alaska. It might as well be a million miles away instead of the actual 3300. Steve Bannon, the film’s honcho, lets us bask a little while in idyllic Alaska but soon reminds us that the serpent found his way to the frozen paradise. Little lawless Wasilla was a one-moose town with a single traffic light, high taxes, dirt roads and run by an old boys network. Enter young Mayor Palin. She cut the mayor’s salary and lowered property taxes by 75 per cent. She paved the roads and built sewers. It wasn’t easy but she built the Menard Memorial Sports Center with a hockey rink and a running track. She brought in major businesses like Wal-Mart, Target and Home Depot which now bring 50,000 shoppers per day to Wasilla. She cleaned house by firing the police chief and others from her predecessor’s administration. Oh yes, she created jobs. Palin was re-elected as Wasilla’s Mayor in 1999 by a 76 percent margin and was also elected as the president of the Alaska Conference of Mayors in the same year.

Bannon’s movie is just that – it moves quickly as the real-life drama intensifies. It’s quite interesting that Sarah Palin is by nature so different from every politician out there. While all the others are killing themselves to reach the next wrung in their political career, Sarah Palin looks only to serve. When her mayoral term was over in 2002 because of term limits, she only dabbled a little in politics. It wasn’t until 2003 that Sarah got fired up again. Governor Murkowski appointed her to the Alaska Oil and Gas Conservation Commission (AOGCC). What she found while at the AOGCC was, how do we say it, less than kosher and that the Governor would do nothing about it. One thing that politicians in Alaska have learned the hard way – if you’re dirty or you’re not doing your job, Sarah is not going to let it go. In 2006 Sarah Palin became the youngest governor in Alaska’s history and the first female governor to boot.

And what a Governor! She and her staff worked crazy hours. The movie goes into the dirty dealings between Big Oil and corrupt state politicians that took place in Room 604 in the Baranof Hotel in Juneau, and how Governor Palin took on her own party to put a stop to the corruption. Then it goes into her other successes as governor. She was fiscally fabulous cutting $237 million in 2007 and $286 million in 2008. This didn’t happen by itself as she and her staff carefully pored over the budget using the governor’s line item veto power. Governor Palin was so unlike the Alaskan governors before her. She wasn’t afraid to take on Big Oil. At the end of 2007, she passed ACES, Alaska’s Clear and Equitable Share, which finally allowed all Alaskans, rich and poor, to share in the abundance of Alaska’s natural resources. She gave every taxpayer a $1200 rebate. Her approval rating in 2007 was 93%.

Is there a wonder that us Palinistas are doing all we can to get her to run? If she runs, she wins.

If you would like to see the movie in your area, go the link below and click on the middle of the page on register.

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