Tickets to See the Undefeated in Pella, Iowa on Tuesday Are Gone But You Should Go to Pella Anyway If You Can

Tickets to see the Undefeated in Pella, Iowa on Tuesday are now gone. However, you’ll want to go to Pella on Tuesday anyway if you are lucky enough to be living near Iowa. A barbeque will be held after the movie is shown and even though it’s unclear whether the barbeque will be open to the public and not just those who were lucky to get a ticket to see the Undefeated, just being there and showing others how much spontaneous support the Governor has is important for the narrative. A lot of voters throw their support toward candidates who they believe to have a lot of spontaneous support.

If voters in Iowa hear about how a large group of Palin supporters, who did not have tickets to see the Undefeated and did not have any guarantee they would be able to meet the Governor at the post-movie barbeque, still came all the way to a small town like Pella just to show support for her potential candidacy, that should have an impact on voters that I described in the preceding paragraph and the narrative.

As I speculated about earlier, this event may not only have an impact on the narrative and on voters but it may have a big impact on the Governor’s decision on whether to run for the presidency. If what she is gauging is the amount of spontaneous support that exists for her candidacy, the Undefeated’s debut in Pella, Iowa on Tuesday presents her supporters with a great opportunity to show her that such spontaneous support exists. It’s not often that regular people can impact events that could change the country. Whether Palin runs or not is one such event that could change the country and regular people certainly can impact what decision she arrives at if all goes well Tuesday in Pella, Iowa.

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