Top 10 Reasons Waiting Longer For a Palin Announcement is Fine / Late Late Night Open Thread

10. More time to watch the NBA playoffs, and enjoy LeBron’s annual flame out. (Substitute hockey, if you prefer.) And after that, there’s always baseball, a fine sport to occupy our time. Why not hop on the Phillies bandwagon early this year?

9. More time for Newt Gingrich to step in political doo doo (again and again) and try to clean himself off, and regroup with a brand new staff (or possibly new wife. )

8. More time to wait for the inevitable miscues of Mitt “I like ethanol subsidies, mandates, and cap & trade” Romney, and Michele “I will  not fire my misogynist campaign advisor” Bachmann.

7. Once Palin jumps in, it’s pedal-to-the-metal for 14 months! No Mediterranean cruises, no skipping Iowa, and no time for backstabbing friends. It’s ON.

6. More time to quietly Organize4Palin under the radar, saving up for the big push.

5. More time to let the GOP Establishment and Fox News run undisturbed with their belief delusion that Palin’s not running, and watch them laughably try to convince us that one of their flip-floppers or political lightweights is gonna knock out the first African American president.

4. More time for Obama to screw up (again and again and again).

3. More time for the Palin family to prepare quietly and prayerfully for the competition of a lifetime while maximizing Governor Palin’s pre-announcement impact and marshalling resources for the battle ahead.

2. More time for the MSM to suddenly discover Palin’s record of reform, accomplishment and bipartisanship in Alaska. (Yeah, MSM, you wanted those 24,000 emails. You got them. Now we wonder if you’ll report what you actually find in them: a competent chief executive doing her job – something you told us was impossible for such a lightweight as Palin.)






1. Because like they say … “All good things come to those who wait.”

Oh, and as a bonus, waiting for a Palin presidential announcement gives us more time to laugh at the clownish behavior of the media, who after chasing Palin around New England last week are now preparing to pour through thousands of pages of emails, doing the work now that presidential historians will thank them for later, right? Ha!

Recovering Liberal M. Joseph Shepperd had a nice  round-up of some of the comments left over at the New York Times after they solicited reader help in taking down Governor Palin.

Oh, I get it now! It’s like the media is the witch from Hansel & Gretel! We’ve been fattening up old Sarah, and now it’s time to push her into the oven!

This is just plain pathetic. Any local community newsletter has more self-respect. But as an Alaskan, I guess I should be flattered that the granular detail of our state politics are the center of your readers’ world

Can we look at the Time’s staff e-mails too? That would be cool!

PLEASE consider me for your muckraking expedition! I LOVE digging through emails looking for potential news stories. PLEASE keep me in mind when Barack Obamas and Nancy Pelosis are released also..Im SURE youll be looking for volunteers then too!

Let the WITCH HUNT begin !

Yeah, right, people will look for “interesting and newsworthy” emails. Yeah, and Dems are following Obamas plea for civility.

More like the Hatefest begins Fri afternoon, so Dems come early and come often, so our readers can feel better about themselves, after the Weiner debacle.

We will even give credit to the most snarky, snide, sarcastic person…so don’t be shy. We have a terrible President and even worse economy, so we need to divide and distract immediately.

Still my favorite responses were to the L.A. Times who asked its readers “What should we be looking for?” and got the following responses:

Your journalistic integrity.

The Khalidi tape. Whoops, that’s in your archives.

With their actions in the last week, I am gonna go out on a limb here and just say it … The media have just elected President Palin.

Update: The Washington Post’s ombudsman attempts to explain the crowd-sourcing idea with this …

Sarah Palin and her e-mails are just too darn irresistible.

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