Top 10 Revelations from Palin’s Emails

So, we’ve had a week to digest the partial release of Palin’s emails from her term as Alaska governor. Some of us have been relieved, believing that they show the Governor to be a competent, ethical, even nice person — something we knew all along.

My analysis of the emails reported on the Barbaric Thoughts blog, however, shows there is a darker side to Palin that even we as supporters can’t ignore.

Here are the troubling revelations …

1. Apparently, she really likes to cook spaghetti …

Sure, it could be a ridiculously trivial non-story … or it could be some kind of Italian-Fascist plot. You be the judge.


I’m happy to cook … For instance, I’ll make the spaghetti for Willow, so having the ingredients here already is most convenient. … We’re still trying to use up the ingredients that we find downstairs – haven’t seen spaghetti stuff so if that can be purchased, great.


I’m feeding AGIA team and Boards and Commissions folks spaghetti now. Thanks for having the stuff so easy to prepare tonight.

First spaghetti for Willow, and then spaghetti again for the AGIA team? What does this really mean?

2. Before being picked for VP, she didn’t plan to spend much time at the Republican National Convention …

Again, this could either be wise time management — another instance of willfully going rogue — or as George Will might see it … solid evidence that she’s not capable of handling the nuclear codes. You be the judge.

To:Janice L Mason, Kris Perry
From:Gov. Sarah Palin
Sent: Sat Aug.09 2008
Subject: Minnesota

The plan that seems to make most sense should be to find out exactly when my speech is (two speeches total) … then to travel a day before and a day after that main speech. I don’t want to be there five days, no need to. Todd won’t be able to go, it appears. So Trig won’t be going, all the more reason to keep the trip short.

I don’t need staff besides Kris – we need to remember the GOP, for the most part… especially the AK machine … has not had any support or assistance provided our administration so our time and efforts will continue to be spent on serving Alaskans, not party politics.

Pls also find out who pays for the trip. Thanks

Anyone not enslaved to party politics is obviously not qualified to run things in this country, let alone issue military orders. I don’t care WHAT Culvahouse says.

3. She is an acronym junkie.

You thought WTF was an anomaly? I don’t have a link for you, but just glancing at the emails show her complete gratuitous use of letters representing phrases: AGIA, ACES, ABC board, ADN, DMV, DMVA, DOR.

Do we really want a POTUS in the WH who speaks in code?

4. She’s a re-gifter …

This is simply appalling. The kind people of Alaska wanted to give clothing and other items to baby Trig! What does the Guv do? She turns around and offers to give all those gifts to military families! Doesn’t this lend some credence to Sullivan’s theory about Trig not being her baby after all? Again, you be the judge.

Palin: KWHL wants to throw me a baby shower. I say “yes” , if the gifts can go to these young Army wives who don’t have much, they’re far from their families, the dads aren’t there for the newborns first months , etc. And now Ft. Wainwright ‘s aviation unit was notified of a four month extension on deployments. Would u assign someone to work with Bob on that angle? Thanks

5. She rewards her pals in the military.

You thought the baby gifts showed evidence of pandering, get a load of this. Palin apparently supported a law to give returning war veterans FREE fishing licenses.

To Governor Palin:

Congratulations on a successful legislative session. From DMVA’s perspective, we accomplished our objectives. No increased personnel and we held the line on our budget. Most importantly two of your legislative priorities passed this year.

First, SB 214 passed both bodies and gives Alaska National Guard members in good standing free hunting and fishing licenses. That was a direct response to your meeting with our soldiers in Kuwait last year. Thank you.

Do we really want war veterans killing innocent fish and moose?

6. She really does advocate violence.

Upon learning of the death of one of Alaska’s Constitutional founders, Palin had the following reaction:

Palin: Oh shoot! That is sad.

Oh Shoot??? Somebody call Homeland Security.

7. She reassigned her public safety commissioner to a different position in her cabinet.

It’s all laid out right here in these email exchanges. Palin gave someone who worked at her discretion the option of continuing to work at her discretion but in a different capacity. It’s almost as if she was a boss or something. How dare Sarah Palin act like a boss!

8. Apparently, she’s a slave driver.

This email from Tom Irwin …

Governor, sorry to write this but someone needs to speak up so please understand. We are working our hearts out and our work schedule has been unbelievable days, nights and weekends. Marty has been away from home too much and very sick the last several days.

Pat went to Hawaii and then worked the full time. I have cancelled two trips to Hawaii including our 40th anniversary celebration, rescheduled for next June. Sharon arranged a valentines date out on Saturday but I asked to move it to Sunday so I could meet with the Port Authority Saturday. We will make the Sunday meeting but it is getting really hard.

Conoco is starting to drive us like before and we are not the servants. They can be more helpfull also. Thanks and we remain dedicated God bless. Tom

Palin’s response (obviously trying to cover her tracks):

I am not requesting others to be there, but Sunday after I get Todd on the Iron Dog trail and the girls and I head right back to the airport I will be taking advantage of those couple of hours to do some Anchorage office work and have asked Bowles to present to me their plan at that time instead of waiting for anyone to hustle down to Juneau.

Please don’t feel pressured to be there – Pat, Marty, Joe. etc, either. Thanks for all your good work on all this. I’ll be hearing from CP for my own good, no one else is required to be there. Thanks!

9. She called a former gubernatorial opponent a “sinful liar” …

Andrew Halcro accused Palin of using her staff as baby sitters despite any evidence whatsoever, and vehement denials from said staffers.

What was Palin’s response?

Palin: He is a sinful liar. He’s got to be called on this – I’m not going to keep on letting his bs be ignored and even accepted. Sharon and Beth need to help on this too, to communicate with mainstream media that they’re discredited when they go to Halcro as a legit source. Who could have even spread that lie to Halcro? Bitney? Anyone else around here?

Palin and her uncivil tone again.

10. She throws around four-letter words constantly.

Speaking of uncivil tone, it’s hard not to notice how many times the governor uses four-letter words in reference to her staff. “I love you guys.” “I love you.” Love, love, love, love, love. Blah blah blah blah blah.

You are awesome and so greatly appreciated Joe! Thanks for keeping things rolling along God bless you too!

And Pray. Pray pray pray pray pray. She’s always asking them to “pray.” “Pray we can find a solution to the budget predicament.” “Pray” for the troops. Pray for our state. Pray for me. Can you imagine the embarrassment of a president who loves her staff and encourages them to pray always to make wise decisions working for the benefit of all Americans?

Yeah, I can’t imagine it either. Thank God the darker side of Palin has finally been revealed.

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