What if Sarah had gone to Harvard?

Guest submission by: John Adams

What if Sarah had gone to Harvard or Princeton like Obama, Romney, Huntsman and Daniels?

If she had gone to an Ivy League school she might have:

• Recognized that the 2,000 page Obamacare bill would lead to rationing of health care, end of life counseling and increased costs of health care. She then may have identified a way to express those concerns in a way that most people could relate to and understand, such as describing the bill as creating a “death panel”.

• Been the first prominent politician to identify that the Federal Reserve’s policy of printing more money (QE2) would reduce the value of the dollar and lead to increased commodity pricing for food, clothing and gas. And since she had gone to Harvard, she would not back down when the Wall Street Journal and many others criticized her because prices were not increasing in the fall of 2010.

• Been the first prominent Republican to call for a no fly zone  in Libya several weeks before the President when Qaddafi was on the ropes. Prompt action may have avoided the protracted stalemate that now exists.

• Been the point person in the Republican Party to successfully endorse and support candidates in 2010 that would lead to a major Republican victory. She might have figured out a way to lead and rally the Tea Party voters and ensure they supported the Republicans in 2010 and not formed a third party.

Well, as we know, she did not go to Harvard or Princeton, and that may explain why she alone among the potential Republican presidential candidates was able to see the impact of Obama’s policies on every day Americans well before the Republican establishment or the media identified the problems. If Sarah had gone to an Ivy, she may have not been so clear-sighted about the impacts of the Obama policies, but at least the media would have considered her intelligent.

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