What Part of Unconventional Don’t People Get?

Hey, did you hear Sarah Palin isn’t running for president?

That’s right … I have it on good authority that she’s not running for president because she hasn’t yet hired the brilliant woman hater Ed Rollins to manage her campaign, hasn’t hit up the wealthy donors ethanol cronies in Iowa, or pressed the palms of New Hampshire politicos Romney hacks.

Yeah, she’s so not running … I just know it.

Sarc tag off now.

Seriously. How is it that people who know Palin is unconventional expect her to run a conventional presidential campaign? Correct me if I’m wrong, but don’t most people hate conventional presidential campaigns? They last way too dang long, involve far too much ass-kissing, and spend way too much money, creating way too much cronyism at the end of it all.

We who live and breathe politics forget that a vast swath of the electorate is not sitting around holding their breaths for a Palin presidential announcement. Most people aren’t thinking about who will be president in 2012. A large number are simply trying to survive our current president, put over-priced food on the table, enjoy a modest summer vacation on one tank of outrageously-priced gas, and cheer on their favorite baseball team before the possible cancellation of the NFL season.

Politics 24/7 is not a normal state of being for most people.

So along comes Sarah Palin who gets it. She’s not going to be pushed into declaring prematurely just because some egghead statistician thinks Michele Bachmann is taking over her airspace. She’s not going to change her schedule because a know-nothing on an obscure cable program ridiculously asserts she is not needed anymore due to the one-woman-per-campaign rule. (Yeah, I can’t believe it either, but there really can only be one conservative brunette mother-of-five per presidential campaign. It’s a rule! Fortunately, the rules don’t preclude two RINO Mormon bazillionaires. We lucked out on that one.) 

Look, Palin has a game plan. And by sticking to her gameplan, she’s proving that she’s not gonna backtrack on her governing philosophy. She sold the governor’s jet and laid off the chef, remember? She’s frugal as hell. She’s the political equivalent of hot dogs and macaroni and cheese. Let everyone else spend money eating their fancy filet mignon to impress the big wigs. She’s gonna do things the right way for the benefit of us ordinary folks. When she asks us to “trust” her, she means it. She’s not going to promise for weeks to announce at a particular venue, and then turn around and spur-of-the-moment decide to announce at an obscure Republican debate in New Hampshire. 

(What the hell was that all about, anyway? Um, what about Waterloo, Michele?)
Palin is running her own show, she’ll do things on her own time frame, and if you don’t like that, maybe you’d prefer a candidate who runs for a two-year term in Congress last fall, and immediately morphs into full-time presidential candidate. How’s that “Proudly Serving the 6th District” working out for you Minnesota? Head fake much?

Kidding! We love Michele Bachmann. We’re good friends, honestly. And just because Ed Rollins called Bachmann unserious, and not fit to lead the conservative movment, doesn’t mean we don’t think he can do an excellent job running her presidential campaign.

We wish M-Bach and Rollickin’ Ed all the best, we really do.

Because Sarah the Incumbent Destroyer is not running … Yeah, that’s the ticket.

Meanwhile, I think I’ll take the kids to the swimming pool and try to forget about politics for awhile.

Do they have Palin 2012 swimsuits yet?

Update: Buy your kids one of these … it will make up for all the time you spend Organizing4Palin, right? I’m against political patronage but not against bribing my kids. Nope, not at all.

Star Fighter Super Squirter Swimming Pool Spaceship

Oh, one more little note. It’s not “selfish” for women to serve their country with small children at home. Just ask our brave women in uniform who are fighting for our freedoms with their families left behind. Might also want to recall that George Washington left his family for eight years while he commanded the Continental Army. His wife soldiered on without him, raising their four small grandchildren. If serving the country was important enough for George Washington, it’s not selfish.

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