Really, ABC … Jury Duty Gate? (FLASHBACK: How ABC reported Obama, Biden jury duties)

Last night after Gov. Palin shot down rumors of her tour demise, and informed everyone of her pending civic duties, I had a premonition:

Just watch, the media will send its shock troops to Anchorage to stake out her jury pool room.

So what do we have today? An actual report from ABC news questioning the veracity of Palin’s jury service claim!

Yeah, it’s like you can predict the next PDS outbreak in advance! Maybe I should be working homeland security!!

ABC news reporter Sheila Marikar, whom Stacy field dressed, jumped right on the Palin “courtroom” drama today with a piece titled: Alaska Won’t Disclose If or When Sarah Palin Has Jury Duty

How long can Sarah Palin claim that jury duty is keeping her from her cross-country bus tour? Indefinitely, in theory.

The state of Alaska is not required to disclose if or when Palin (or any citizen, for that matter) has been called for jury duty.

The C4P “water cooler” crew had a good chuckle over this exasperating display of Palin derangement:

Geez. I’m beginning to think that Sheila Marikar is Jeanne Devon’s pen name. What a strawman argument–we don’t know confidential information about Gov. Palin, so she must be lying!

People are nuts. They think she actually needs to create an excuse to get out of a bus tour she herself decided to embark on? PDS really has some serious mind-numbing effects.

It’s like they’re mad that she’s not on the bus… this is just comical of epic proportions.

As much as they whined, they must really miss chasing that bus.:)

Maybe we should just start taking bets on the next PDS outbreak. 10-1 odds they connect Palin to the O.J. confession.


Here’s how ABC News reported Obama’s call to serve on jury duty back in January 2010:

President Barack Obama has a busy week ahead, but one thing he won’t be doing is appearing for jury duty in suburban Bridgeview, Ill.

The court sent a summons to the president’s South Side home. He was asked to appear for duty beginning Monday.

However, a White House official said the president has alerted the court that he won’t be able to make it.

Instead, he might be working on his State of the Union address, which he delivers Wednesday.

Hmmm … wait, no insinuation that the president was lying about receiving a jury summons? How could that be? Don’t all politicians lie about serving jury duty? Or is it just Alaska politicians who are currently private citizens?

Then there’s this report of Good ‘Ole Sheriff Joe Biden’s jury duty call. Doesn’t it just make you proud to be an American? I get tingles!

Vice President Joe Biden has embraced the nickname “Sheriff Joe,” given to him by President Obama for his role overseeing the Recovery Act funds.

He may have a new nickname to go along with that – Foreman Joe.

Biden’s office said this morning that the vice president reported for jury duty with the Superior Court of Delaware at the New Castle County Courthouse in Wilmington.

“I don’t consider myself different than any other person,” Biden told The News Journal of Wilmington. “This is important … It is an honor to be a part of the system.”

Biden’s hometown paper reported that the vice president chatted with other potential jurors in the waiting room and said that he had to make some phone calls during a break, including one to President Obama.

Biden is a graduate of Syracuse Law School.

Last week Supreme Court Justice Elena Kagan reported for jury duty at the DC Superior Court.

Justice Kagan was ultimately not selected for a jury panel.

This time last year, it was President Obama who received a jury summons but unlike Biden and Kagan, the president told the suburban Chicago courthouse that he would not be able to serve.

UPDATE: Biden, along with the rest of the jury pool, was released from jury duty at approximately noon today.

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