Who Here is Going to the Pella Opera House in Iowa on Tuesday to Catch the Debut of the Undefeated/Open Thread

Let us know in the comments. Consider this a very tardy open thread.

This point has been made before but the symbolism of #palinemails and the Undefeated is just perfect:

What they found, though not so widely publicized, was the inner workings of an efficient, informed and very involved governor that mounted an unprecedented 80 plus approval rating while in office. The people of Alaska loved her and appreciated her backbone and focus on making their state a better place.

The Daily Kos pollster won’t note this but its own poll finds that Governor Palin’s favorable rating among Florida Republicans has improved by a net twenty-four points since March from +26 (59/33) to +50 (72/22).


“At the time (we met), she was a new governor and not talked about on the national level…We talked constructively about the geothermal potential of Alaska and about many of the same issues that I discussed with Gov. Hickel … I sensed in her a fundamental political capability, a political nature that you either have or you don’t. It’s like a musical quality. Whether people are for or against (her) that she has taken herself from an elected official in Alaska to become one of the most influential forces in politics in a matter of years demonstrates her ability.”

Even a Democrat Party representative from Bucks County, Pennsylvania concedes “that Alaska and Palin did it right” and “Sarah Palin had it right.”

What else is going on today?

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