Why I Like Sarah Palin

Guest submission by: Michael T. Griffith

There are many reasons I like Sarah Palin.  Here are some of them:

* She has fought to reduce spending and to enforce fiscal discipline as governor of Alaska.  She has drastically reduced the growth of the state budget, which has helped to produce a record budget surplus.  This is one reason she has a 65% to 80% approval rating with her fellow Alaskans.  In the month of June 2007 alone, she vetoed 13 percent of the state’s proposed budget for capital projects. The cuts, said the Anchorage Daily News, “may be the biggest single-year line-item veto total in state history.”  Spending in her first budget was down 6.3 percent from the previous year, which is highly commendable in a year of significant inflation when Alaska’s oil revenues came in 55 percent above projections.  For fiscal year 2009, her budget requests are up only 4.5 percent, while inflation is currently 5.6 percent and Alaska’s annual population growth 1.1 percent.  That is genuine fiscal restraint. 

* She has shown she has the toughness to take on the bureaucrats.  One of her first acts as governor was to fire the Alaska Board of Agriculture.  She did so because the agriculture board refused to replace the state’s Creamery Board.  The Creamery Board had been marketing the products of Alaska dairy farmers for 71 years and wanted to close down after receiving $600,000 from the state.  She did not have the authority to fire the power to fire the Creamery Board; only the board of agriculture had that authority. So she replaced the agriculture board, which appointed a new creamery board, which then rescinded the plan to shut down.

* She has shown herself willing to take on corruption, even when it occurs among her fellow Republicans.  She resigned from the Alaska Conservation Commission to protest what she called the “lack of ethics” of fellow Republican members.  After she resigned, she filed a formal complaint against Oil and Gas Conservation Commissioner Randy Ruedrich, who was also the chairman of the state Republican Party.  And she was elected Alaska’s first female governor in 2006 after defeating the incumbent Republican governor in the GOP primary.

* She is a devout Christian.  When she was in high school, she led the Fellowship of Christian Athletes.  She often led the prayers for her basketball team before their games. When she attended college, she sought out and remained active in Christian circles.  When a  reporter recently asked her about her Christian faith, she made it a point to specify that she’s a “Bible-believing Christian.”  A few months ago, before she was named the VP pick, she was asked if she thought she’d be going to Washington or staying in Alaska–and she replied as follows: 

You know, I don’t know. I knew early on that the smartest thing for me to do was to work hard, do the best that I can, make wise decisions based on good information in front of me. And then put my life, get myself on a path that could be dedicated to God and ask Him what I should do next. That will be the position I will be in as long as I’m on earth – that is, seeking the right path that God would have laid out for me.

* As governor, she has cut taxes and given Alaska’s citizens a large tax rebate from the increased revenue from taxes on oil.  When she was mayor of Wasilla, she cut her own salary, cut property taxes by 40 percent, and abolished the city’s tax on business inventory.

* She has begun to reduce Alaska’s dependence on federal earmarks.  This has angered some pork-barrel Republicans, such as Ted Stevens, who has accused her of not being active enough in getting federal money for Alaska.

*  Under her leadership, Alaska has invested $5 billion in state savings, reformed education funding, and implemented the Senior Benefits Program, which provides support for low-income Alaskan seniors. She’s also established Alaska’s Petroleum Systems Integrity Office to provide oversight and maintenance of oil and gas equipment, facilities, and infrastructure.

* She’s pro-life and pro-traditional marriage.

* She favors drilling for more of our own oil and supports an expansion of our use of natural gas.

* She has considerable executive experience.  She served two terms as the mayor of Wasilla, cutting property taxes by over 40 percent.  She served as chairman of the Alaska Conservation Commission.  And now she’s the governor of Alaska.

There’s an old saying that you can judge a person by their enemies.  If that’s true, then we should note that the same far-left people who have attacked anyone who opposes gay marriage or abortion are also smearing and trashing Sarah Palin shamelessly.  The same people who have attacked churches and religious groups as “intolerant” and “bigoted” are now attacking Sarah Palin.  Every pro-abortion, pro-gay marriage group is attacking her. 

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