Why I Support Governor Palin In Two Words


I have often been asked why I support Governor Palin, why I dedicate my life to her and why I spend so much time defending her and pushing her to run for President.

When I talk to a Palin supporter it’s rather easy to explain. But I love taking on liberals or people who trash her and those conversations usually include at least some, if not all, of the words: dumb, stupid, quitter, idiot and blind. In other words it’s a job and a half debating the issue with someone who doesn’t want to listen.

That has now changed. In the future when someone asks me why I support Governor Palin, I can reply in two words: The Undefeated.

I had the opportunity to watch this movie, and while I’m good at a lot of things (shout out to self) writing movie reviews isn’t one of them. So I won’t. I’ll just say this. Call up all your liberal friends and relatives who have ever asked you why you support Governor Palin, and tell them you have a simple way to explain it. Offer to treat them to a night out at the movies and tell them that by the time the night is over, they’ll have all their questions answered.

So next time someone asks you: Why do you support Governor Palin? You reply: The Undefeated.


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