Why the “Experts” Don’t Get Sarah Palin

Guest submission by: Dominic D. Salvatori, Esquire

There are a number of reasons the so-called pundits and media types don’t understand Sarah Palin. Some are blinded by pure vitriol for this successful, conservative, pro-life woman. Some are still chained by sexist biases (can you say George Will or Bill O’Reilly?).

However, one of the biggest reasons for this misconception may be far more benign, and less easily characterized. You see, Sarah Louise Heath Palin may be, at the exact same time, the most astute and savvy politician of the post-Vietnam era and the least “political” person to aspire to high office in our time.

Unlike Bill Clinton, Barack Obama, Mitt Romney, Newt Gingrich, and others, Sarah Louise Heath Palin’s life goal is not the Oval Office. She would have been happy to remain in quiet little Wasilla, Alaska if things had worked out that way. But she has been called, called to duty as it were. There is only one reason she will run for the White House – because her country needs her at this critical turning point of our history.

That’s why we have to laugh when these media geniuses opine that everything she does is for “publicity” her “brand” or to “make money.” She’s riding a bus around the East Coast to “make money?” They just cannot believe that a politician would be motivated solely by love of country, love of the Constitution, love of our way of life. There just has to be some ulterior purpose, some hidden motive.

They cannot take her words at face value because they are so used to politicians saying anything to further their own agendas. So when she decides she can better serve Alaska and the conservative resurgence by stepping aside as governor, they look for an unseen reason, lurking scandals. When she says she will decide to run for president if she feels the rest of the field is not able to stand unequivocally for those common sense constitutional conservative principles, she must be playing “footsie” with us.

Yet every move she makes, whether “calculated” or not, is the right move, because it is rooted in her fundamental vision of America (a crucial difference from Obama’s vision for America – for she wants to restore America’s vision and greatness, while he wants to “fundamentally transform” it); and her fundamental understanding of the American people. And because of that, her “political” moves are way out in front of the other candidates.

She is using the new social media – Twitter, Facebook etc. – unlike any other politician, even Obama. She recognizes that the old politics is gone. With modern communications techniques, and the increasing independence of the voters, “laying the groundwork” in Iowa no longer means just meeting with party hierarchy and doing all the “required” things Charles Krauthammer says you have to do if you are a “serious” candidate. (Speaking of which, I saw a news spot of Romney in Iowa – there were about 10 people and 3 cows – the cows were asleep).

So now we have the documentary – designed to dispel the false negatives built up by the media over the last three years. And the bus tour – brilliantly yet sincerely structured to spotlight the greatness of our American experience. “One America” – sounds like someone speaking at a convention in 2004 about no “black” America or “white” America, but America. Except this time the proponent of this message really means it.

The documentary will reveal another “conundrum” the pundits just can’t get – this “polarizing” “rabid right winger” GOT THINGS DONE AS GOVERNOR. She had an 80% popularity rating – she cut spending, budgets, got the gas pipeline project going. And when she had to compromise, like every effective executive must, she did. She followed the law, and the state constitution, even if it went contrary to her own personal beliefs.

In the paragraph before the last one, I used the term “sincerely structured.” It may have seemed an odd combination of words. Not really. The word “sincerity” is perhaps the most powerful word in our arsenal when it comes to Sarah Palin standing on the Capitol Steps with her hand on the Bible come January 20, 2012. Sarah Palin exudes sincerity.

When I had the privilege of meeting her in June 2009 in Auburn, New York, the first words that came to mind where “there is not an insincere bone in this woman’s body.” When I introduced myself and said I was from Pittsburgh her response was: “You came all the way from Pittsburgh? Wow!” – as if to say, I can’t believe anyone would come all the way from Pittsburgh to see me.

This sincerity, this humility, will come through on the campaign trail, in the debates, in all her public pronouncements, and finally in the voting booth. It will trump the cynicism in all of us.

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