You’ll Probably Be Able to Get Into the Pella, Iowa Barbeque Even Though There’s No Guarantee

While there are no guarantees, chances are that if you are in Pella, Iowa on Tuesday to show support for the Governor but don’t have a ticket to attend the Undefeated’s debut at the Pella Opera House, you will likely be admitted to the post-movie barbeque. It just strikes me as common sense that as long as you aren’t belligerent or too drunk, that you’ll be let into the post-movie fesitivities.

The organizers of the events in Pella on Tuesday may not have enough food to accomodate what will hopefully be a large group of Palin supporters who were willing to go to Pella without tickets to the movie screening or barbeque to show the Governor some spontaneous support. However, keep in mind that the entire point behind going to Pella is not to grab a hot dog.

The point is to show the Governor, the media, and Iowa voters that Palin, unlike Republican Party hacks such as Michele Bachmann and Mitt “peacetime” Romney (and unlike sensible and respectable Republicans like Tim Pawlenty and Jon Huntsman), has the spontaneous support that is needed to win an election.

Even if you aren’t able to obtain a hot dog, perhaps you may be lucky enough to be live for something far bigger. It’s unclear at this time whether the Governor plans on making a formal public speech at either event but you never know….

I recognize that I could be completely wrong. It is quite plausible that the Governor has already decided to run for the presidency and that the reason why she has conducted very few Fox News interviews and held few public events over the last couple of months besides a bus tour is because she is privately preparing herself for the upcoming campaign. The reason why she hasn’t declared that she’s running may be very well be that she believes it is a good strategy to hold off on an announcement. Under this scenario, it doesn’t matter whether she sees any spontaneous support for her candidacy in Pella on Tuesday. However, I would argue that it’s still important for the media and Iowa voters to see such support as it could have a major impact on the narrative, even if it has no impact on the Governor’s thinking.

In any event, it is also plausible that she has not arrived at a decision as to whether to run and is gauging the amount of support that exists for her candidacy. Since pollsters are now excluding her name from polling under the reasoning that she is not a declared candidate, she’ll need to examine other evidence to assess the amount of support that exists for her potential candidacy. All I’m arguing is that if you assume she is still undecided about a run, her seeing a large group of Palin supporters, who do not have tickets to the see the Undefeated or any guarantee that they will be able to attend the post-movie barbeque, showing her support in the small town of Pella on Tuesday is something that would strongly push her in the direction of running.

I admit that I may be making too big of a deal of Tuesday and its impact on whether the Governor runs. But I don’t think it hurts the chances that she runs if there is a large contingent of ticketless Palin supporters letting her know that she should be the next President of the United States. Besides, you may end up being able to say Governor Palin served you a hot dog.

The good news is that after Tuesday, you won’t ever have to read the two words “spontaneous support” ever again on this blog.

Whoever here is familiar wtih Pella, Iowa, please e-mail us or leave in the comments places where people can park for free and hang out before the movie is shown at around 5 PM CST at the Pella Opera House. Let us know if there is a public venue outside of the Pella Opera House for ticketless supporters of the Governor to show their support.

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