“The Undefeated” Documentary Premieres to Packed Atlanta Theater, Enthusiastic Audience

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The Georgia-based Volunteering4Palin organization announced the opening show of the new film, The Undefeated, experienced robust ticket sales on Friday night at the AMC Barrett Commons 24 Theatre in Kennesaw, GA. Many groups worked together to raise awareness of the film, which they believe is a must-see for every American, regardless of whether people are Palin supporters, and regardless of political party affiliations.

According to Mark Wohlers, the former Atlanta Braves pitcher who stood on the mound as Atlanta won its first World Series Championship, “I’ve been fascinated with Governor Palin since she entered the national stage.  I believe that if she decided to run for President it would be for all the right reasons, so I wanted to see this movie. There has been so much media distortion that it’s difficult to know what to believe.  I encourage everyone to come see the movie, forget everything you’ve heard, and decide for yourself.  I’m a big fan.”

One politically active teenager that attends Woodland High School in Henry County, Sousaan Guyton, encouraged eighteen of her friends on FaceBook to attend.  According to Rob Cunningham, founder of Georgia based Volunteering4Palin, “There is a nationally powerful, grassroots enthusiasm level among teenagers. He added, “Sousaan and her friends really connected with Sarah Palin and her story. They wanted to know why they had never learned these facts before tonight.” Sousaan is one of approximately nine-hundred members of Youth4Palin, a national volunteer organization founded and directed under the leadership of Elizabeth Hawkes.

Sahar Hekmati, an original Tea Party member, Georgia GOP Chairman for the 13th Congressional District and President of National Conservative Republican Women, contacted everyone she knew to attend one of this week’s premier showings. Mrs. Hekmati said, “I read “Going Rogue,” and I strongly believe Sarah is absolutely prepared for the very serious challenges our nation faces.”  She went on to say, “I especially want women to attend this movie, because I know they will relate to the events in Sarah’s life.”  Hekmati emphasized, “This movie is a great way for people to understand how politics really works.”


For more information:
Visit http://victoryfilmgroup.com/theundefeatedmovie
See the Movie Trailer: http://vimeo.com/26122596
Buy Tickets http://theundefeated.cinedigm.com/tickets.html

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