Did the Mainstream Media Forget that the Washington Post Showed Rick Perry Trailing L. Ron Paul Last Week/Open Thread

What’s going on today?

The most recent Washington Post/ABC News poll that showed Rick Perry at 8% seems to be getting less attention than what Washington Post/ABC News polls typically receive. Usually polls released by the Washington Post/ABC News are treated as gospel by the press but even political reporters employed by the Washington Post and ABC News are ignoring the poll. Fox News polls are usually the ones that get treated as jokes (and rightfully so) but in this case, the Fox News poll seems to have received more attention than the Washington Post/ABC News poll. The Texas media has completely gone in the tank for Perry as they are not even citing the ABC/Washington Post poll showing him getting beat by fellow Texan L. Ron Paul. I guess it demonstrates the ability of the Texas media to impact mainstream media narratives but a better explanation is that it shows that the media is even willing to ignore its own polls if it hurts Governor Palin.

Some of our commentators have suggested that Rick Perry getting into the race helps Governor Palin. Even though some recent polls that have been released lend support to this theory, I’m still somewhat skeptical of it. If you are a proponent of this theory, could you elaborate more on this argument? In any event, Scott Conroy reports that everyone in Perry’s political circle is “doing [what they are doing] without knowing what Perry’s final call will be.”

Most of the mainstream media is misreporting on The Undefeated. It is not going straight to pay-per-view and video as some have claimed; it will remain in theaters until September. It will be shown in four new cities this week. The cities are Cincinatti, Ohio, Columbus, Ohio, Charleston, South Carolina, and Salt Lake City, Utah. You can purchase your tickets here. It is important that you find a way to go if you can and bring as many supporters and skeptics as possible to the theaters this week. The media has written the film’s obituary but we have the opportunity to write its week 3 comeback.

Don’t forget that The Undefeated will be screened at the Smart Girl Politics Summit in St. Louis this weekend.

Commentator Danielvito made an excellent comment in this morning’s open thread:

Saw that some are making hay that “The Undefeated” went from $6,500 per screen to $1,700 per screen. Things that these leftist don’t mention;

*The harry potter movie’s second week sales are off 71.6%. Right in line w/the undefeated. Except the Undefeated has NO PROMOTIONAL SUPPORT.
*”The Undefeated” had no promtional support at all. Attendance is being driven by word of mouth and social media.
*Every studio release has backed up movie distribution with huge promotional support. “The Undefeated” has been w/it’s distributor only 4 weeks. It’s 14 locations are spread out in the country. It is incredible a movie no one knows is out their is doing this well.
*Even w/no promotional support, the $1,700 per screen the undefeated did last week puts it within striking distance of all but three movies. Again, all those other movies have had promotional support.

Tony Lee tweets “I think many not be appreciating the significance of tomorrow — the two yr anniversary of when Palin handed over AK Guv to Parnell.”

Interview with Bannon at the Chicago Premiere of “The Undefeated” and Mark Levin and Caller Praise “The Undefeated”

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