Good Reviews of “The Undefeated” from Florida

Florida Political Press conducted some interviews following a screening in Central Florida last week for The Undefeated. Many expressed learning things they didn’t know about Governor Palin’s record previously, and all expressed a genuine respect for her leadership and accomplishments after viewing the film. It is so encouraging to see local activists and community leaders come to appreciate the real Sarah Palin. Not the distorted caricature version sold to the public by the media.

Once again, thank you Steve Bannon and team for getting the truth out there.

The Florida Political Press also posted a transcript of some interviews to there site, such as:

I have been a Palin supporter, since she first came on the scene.  Undefeated documented her many huge achievements while working for the citizens of Alaska. I was happy to see the clear depiction of her reasons for resigning the governorship.  This fact never saw the light of day, in our ideological Lame Stream Media.   I would encourage anyone who wants to see what a real leader looks like, to see this film.   Any American that wants to be a part of restoring us to the foundation that made this country exceptional, should see the film.    If Sarah Palin runs for the Presidency, it will be a game changer! – Bernadine

You can read the whole article here.

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