Open Thread For The Undefeated Debut; (Updated: Strong Turnout in TX, AZ; Georgia and Orange County Viewing Sold Out!)

As requested, if you attended the debut of The Undefeated today, leave a comment on this thread about your experience and how it went. The rest of us will have to converse about other things.

The Governor tweeted after Obama’s press conference:

Obama lies, economy dies. He says “default’s catastrophic” then opposes deal to avert it. Nonsense. Gold stars to GOP trying to deal w/this.

What else is going on today?

Update by Nicole:

Irish Coins reports the following attendance from Grapevine, Texas:

68 at 11:10
38 at 1:50
55 at 4:30

Kunta Evans reports from Grapevine:

They added a 12:30 a.m. showing and a 7:10 showing in another theater. That was cool to see (the sold out 7:10 show). I am going to the 9:50 show. I will absolutely do some live tweeting while there @kuntaevans. All over it! 🙂

Hal reported from Arizona:

100 at 11:30 showing

Here’s a photo submitted by Irish Coins who attended the Grapevine, Texas premiere today.

Update by Whitney: Georgia Organize4Palin notes that the Atlanta area showing earlier this evening was sold out:

THE UNDEFEATED BLOWS AWAY THE TRANSFORMERS MOVIE in Atlanta!!! Sell out crowd!!! Spread the word!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A C4P Commenter notes that the 7:10 viewing in Orange County, California is sold out. Take that,  the Atlantic!

Update II by Nicole:

Here’s a nice round-up of The Undefeated tweets put together by Josh Painter over at Texans for Sarah Palin:

“MSM – Where are the ’empty theaters’ now?”
How well is The Undefeated doing on its opening day? If the past hour’s Twitter traffic is any indication, not bad:

Theater manager in Phoenix reports “Only Harry Potter beating ‘The Undefeated’…

Atlanta, GA ‘The Undefeated’ is Number 1 in theater out performering ‘Transformers’…

4pm showing of ‘The Undefeated’ ends with five minute standing ovation in Atlanta!

Atlanta – 7pm showing of ‘The Undefeated’ sold out 3 hours in advance!

“The #Undefeated” 4pm showing in #OrangeCounty is packed full except for the “stiff neck seats” that nobody wants ever.

The Undefeated is Number 1 in #Atlanta #GA out performing Transformers

AMC Ahwatukee theatre mgr told me they sold so many tickets for #Undefeated that they had to move it to a bigger screen!

Undefeated sold out 7:10 and 10:04 showings in Kennesaw. #1 movie in this theater tonight!

People in the theater CHEERED when they saw Palin at the tea party rally.

Kenesaw GA 3 showings sold out!!

PalinUndefeated attitude is spreading like wild fire. Watch the Dems start eating themselves

How come nobody in the MSM is RTing that @PalinUndefeated is selling out and getting standing Os?! Aren’t they “objective” RTers?!?

Full House at Universal Cineplex Orlando, FL for ‘The Undefeated’!

MSM – Where are the “empty theaters” now?

just got back from the movie. My 3 skeptics will now be a part of Sarah’s Army.

People around me are saying, “WOW” about the frivolous ethics complaints. They didn’t know.

Houston showing is almost full except for the lower 2 rows. 😉

Audience applauding Sarah’s inaugural address in #Undefeated in Kennesaw!

Drove 8 Hours To See The #Undefeated! Very Well Made, Exhilarating & Inspirational

Amazing! People in this theater had NO idea about ethics complaints & why she resigned! They do now!

Update II by Whitney: California Organize4Palin coordinator notes that both the 4 PM and 7 PM showings in Orange County were sold out.

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