John Hayward: We Are The Undefeated

A great piece by John Hayward appears in today’s Human Events. Here’s an excerpt:

The new Sarah Palin documentary, The Undefeated, opened to solid box office numbers this weekend.  Oddly, the Atlantic tried to cook up a quick hit piece on the Palin film by sending the hapless Conor Friedersdorf to an unadvertised midnight showing in Orange County on a Thursday night.  He proceeded to note at great length that not many people were in the theater.

This story was quickly picked up and run by other media outlets, in an attempt to construct a “flop” narrative, quickly rendered as hollow and irrelevant as an Obama economic prediction.

Friedersdorf, and the others who ran with his story, cannot be stupid enough to think that theater attendance at 12:45 AM on a Thursday night, at an unadvertised screening of a documentary, while one of the year’s most anticipated summer blockbusters was rolling out, could be truly indicative of The Undefeated’s opening weekend performance.

They had to work fast to manufacture this hit, since the eagerness of Palin fans to see The Undefeated was not exactly a secret.  Their goal was to pump one more anti-Palin story into the billowing cloud of toxic smog pouring from major media outlets.  They did it so that liberal readers who won’t go anywhere near a screening of this movie can high-five each other and chuckle about what a bomb it was, providing the ”reality-based community” with another of its many fables that survive any chance encounter with contradictory evidence.

I want Palin to run because I want a candidate who inspires that kind of desperation in the Left.  I want someone who drives them to sit in little circles around their campfires and tell ghost stories.

This might sound harsh, but I also consider the way Palin brings out the knuckle-dragging misogyny of liberals to be a plus.  Modern liberalism is an ideology of hatred and envy.  Its blood burns hotter as every product of its imagination becomes a titanic failure in the real world.  It has nothing left but hatred now.  Liberals have sunk so low that they openly value punitive taxation more than avoiding national default.  They spend their time looking for targets, not solutions.

Similar levels of shrieking hysteria are directed at the Left’s other class and ideological enemies.  The sexist fury they unleash against Palin is a useful reminder of their true nature to voters that should understand what kind of future they are voting for, when they vote for a liberal.  Palin has proven she can take the heat.

Read Hayward’s entire piece here. It’s vintage Doctor Zero.

(h/t Whitney Pitcher)

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