Media Brews Phony ‘Undefeated’ Narrative on Opening Day

There’s been a lot of news today about the phony narrative started by a Conor Friedersdorf at The Atlantic regarding the opening of The Undefeated in Orange County. John Nolte covered this sham over at Big Hollywood, he writes:

One writer. One article. One screening. Apparently, what we used to consider anecdotal now equals news. And as a result you have a genuine media narrative being brewed with headlines intentionally written to create the perception that the “The Undefeated” is DOA — in the Republican stronghold of Orange Country, no less.

Translation: It’s over, Palinistas! Please form a single-file line to the right where all your hopes and dreams will be stripped and burned.


If you read the fine print…

“The Atlantic” writer is reporting on his experience at a midnight screening … on a Thursday night.



Read the story again and you’ll see that the emptiness of a midnight screening on a work night is not only worthy of 950+ words and a wildly misleading headline, but also all these subsequent MSM stories filled with similar headlines.

And you can bet there will be more stories to come.

This is how the corrupt MSM works.

This is how they create phony narratives out of nothingness in order to attack and undermine their ideological enemies.

Dan Riehl also quite bluntly covered this story, noting that the theater didn’t advertise the 12:45 AM showing. In fact, Conor Friedersdorf seems to be the only person on the planet who knew about it. Riehl writes:

Here are the appropriate theater listings via The Undefeated site. Keep in mind, The Undefeated only opens today, July 15th. The new Harry Potter movie is showing on a few screens at the pertinent multi-plex, including multiple showings at midnight and later. Down below are the show times listed for The Undefeated. I called a contact linked to promoting The Undefeated, they didn’t even advertise the 12:45 AM showing, saying, basically the theater was probably just keeping all screens open only because of the Harry Potter opening, so it likely ran given the release date. But, who cares?

Well, Conor with one N, of course, along with some clown from the Hill – who also looks like he might one day be caught wearing a trench coat in a movie theater ala Pee Wee Herman, btw.

BUY TICKETS – 10:15am, 1:10pm, 4:05pm, 7:00pm, 9:55pm, 12:45am

Given Sarah Palin’s advocacy of common sense Conservatism, is it really surprising that an un-advertised throw away screening at 12:45 am in a multi-screen theater with multiple opening night screenings of the new Harry Potter movie might not be their preferred showing? Duh!

So, this numb-nuts Friedersdorf, while visiting his grandparents, heads out at 12:45 AM on, technically speaking, an un-advertised first extremely early morning showing of The Undefeated to write a hit piece on it. And he does that while the nation is trillions in debt leading to the on going monumental debates and events playing out in DC, of which he can’t manage a single thought. What’s amazing is that the Atlantic would even take Conor with one N seriously. They must have been truly desperate to find a false flag conservative and alleged pundit.

Also of note, C4P has been receiving ground reports of solid attendance at the theaters around the country. That says a lot considering it’s still the middle of a workday.

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