More on Governor Palin’s Labor Day Keynote Address in Iowa and You Can Now Purchase Tickets to See The Undefeated in Cincinnati/Open Thread

You can now purchase tickets to go see The Undefeated in Cincinatti.  You’ll be able to catch the movie starting Friday at 10:25 am, 1:15 pm, 4:05 pm, 6:55 pm, 9:45 pm, and 12:30 am.  The movie will be shown at Any of our Ohio readers planning on checking out the movie at the AMC Newport On The Levee 20 in Newport, Kentucky near Cincinnati? Bring as many skeptics as possible to the theater if you plan on going. Ohio should be a really strong primary state for the Governor as it appears to be a two-way race in the Buckeye state between her and Mitt “peacetime” Romney.

In case you missed it, here’s the Real Clear Politics story about Governor Palin’s labor day keynote address at a Tea Party event in Waukee, Iowa.  A couple things stand out from the report other than the speech she is reportedly scheduled to give on Labor Day:

-Conroy pretty much confirmed what Cindy Adams reported  in the New York Post earlier this month about how the Governor “has retreated to Alaska to immerse herself in policy and to strategize with her husband, Todd, and top advisers about how a potential campaign would work.”

-Conroy is reporting that “a national press secretary may soon be on the horizon.”  Any predictions?

-One of the Iowa organizers of the event that the Governor will reportedly speak at on Labor Day was “until recently herman cain’s point man in Iowa.”

In any event, ABC News is confirming the Real Clear Politics story.  Peter Singleton and other Tea Party leaders are quoted in the article.

To clear things up, according to Singleton, Organize4Palin is “not making a run with write-ins.”

The Iowa Republican has the actual press release from the Tea Party group  that will be reportedly hosting Governor Palin and more analysis on what it means.

David Limbaugh reviews the Quotable Rogue.

Is this really now a Palin/Romney/Perry/Giuliani race?

What else is going on today?

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