Numbers Don’t Lie: “The Undefeated” Had a Remarkable Box Office Debut/Open Thread

More numbers from Jim Nolte about The Undefeated‘s opening weekend.

Sheya: MSM Right: Palin Not Doing What Other Potential Presidential Candidates Traditionally Do

Congratulations to Track and Britta Palin.

For your information, here is how Mark Murray, Jonathan Weisman, and Chuck Todd are justifying their exclusion of Palin and inclusion of Perry from the NBC/WSJ poll:

Murray: Perry has done the things one would do to prepare for a WH run (like call donors & key IA players), while Palin hasn’t

Murray: Palin could still end up running, but the burden is on her to prove she’s really considering a bid

Todd: We’ve tested Palin before, she’s acting less like a potential candidate now vs. Perry; We test her about every OTHER poll.

Weisman: @sarahpalinusa needs to show a little more intent. She’s been in our poll for months but has given no real indication she’s in.

Weisman and Murray have thus far refused to answer the question as to what happens to their credibility if/when Governor Palin announces that she’s running for the presidency.  Todd became defensive that such a question would be asked:

Todd: I’m never satisfied with my reporting, always trying to improve on it. Enuff w/ the “did u stop beating your wife” line of Qs

Even though we’ll all be jubilant if/when Governor Palin announces that she’s running, it is imperative that we make sure that every member of the mainstream or conservative media who claimed that the evidence suggested that Governor Palin wouldn’t run be discredited by their own words, reporting, and predictions.  People like Todd, Murray, and Weisman must be discredited by Governor Palin’s announcement.

What else is going on today?

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