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What’s going on today?  In case you missed it, the Governor posted this Facebook post to GOP freshmen about the debt-ceiling.

Who here is going to be a part of the Week 3 comeback for The Undefeated in Cincinnati, Columbus, Charleston, South Carolina, and Salt Lake City?

Don’t forget either that The Undefeated will be shown this weekend at the Smart Girl Politics Summit in St. Louis. I think several of our commentators and Whitney will be attending. Bannon will be there as well. Herman Cain will keynote the conference and Governor Palin will not be there.

This rumor was being floated last night.  Kelsey got a response from the two radio jockeys about the rumor.  That doesn’t necessarily mean she won’t formally announce in Iowa on the three-year anniversary of her 2008 Republican National convention speech as one could argue that the two radio jockeys broke their end of the agreement that they had with the Governor with their April Fools antics and thus, the agreement is no longer valid.  Everything is speculation at this point.

I think the Daily Kos pollster is the only one who could show someone with a net favorable rating among Republican primary voters of +45 trailing two people with net favorable ratings of +28 in North Carolina.  In any event, even the Daily Kos pollster shows the Governor in strong position among New Jersey Republican primary voters even though New Jersey is thought to be one of her weakest primary states and almost every Republican and Republican-leaning independent has been misled into believing she won’t run.

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