Politico’s Jonathan Martin Concedes that Iowa Activists are “Consumed” “With the Prospect of Palin” “Getting Into the Race”/Open Thread


What is clear at the moment in Iowa is how consumed activists are with the prospect of Palin and, especially, Perry getting in the race.

That’s been the buzz,” said Sam Clovis, a popular conservative talk show host in Sioux City. “Palin is extremely popular out here and Perry is the game-changer. Perry getting in the race reorders everything.”

Rick Perry is such a game-changer that he’s losing to Jon Huntsman and tied with Rudy Giuliani in Iowa. Nationally, a higher percentage of Republican and Republican-leaning independents want Governor Palin in this race than the percentage of Republican and Republican-leaning independents who want Governor Perry in this race.

In other Iowa news, Tony Lee thinks Bachmann v. Pawlenty is equivalent to Dean v. Gephardt in 2004 in the sense that “they’ll both knock each other out for another candidate to win.”

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Obama voter Ann Althouse writes about Allen West and Governor Palin.

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