Random Hot Thoughts for a Thursday

Finding myself in a hot room yesterday editing an article, my brain just fried.

It’s so hot …  I’m starting to believe Al Gore.

It’s so hot … I’m quite certain polar bear cubs are getting sun burned … right now. Somewhere. Or dying of thirst.

It’s so hot … I swear I saw Tim Pawlenty’s RV pass by my front porch.

Or was it just a baby blue hallucination caused by the dehydration?

And I’m not even going to mention the heat-induced migraines … Because that would be barbaric.

It’s that crazy time of summer when you wish you really had bought one of these …


But that would require owning one of these ….

And hey … I’m doing ok, but I’m not one of these!

Meanwhile, speaking of running for president, and not being a Mormon bazillionaire, I had these semi-lucid thoughts about the 2012 race …

1. 2012 is considered a down year because it’s tougher to beat an incumbent, right? (I learned this from watching Bill O’Reilly once)

2. Supposedly, nobody from the Republican “A Team” (Jeb, Christie, Rubio) thinks Obama can be beaten. (Can’t remember where I heard that.)

3. Bill Clinton, a longshot candidate, ran in a “down year” and was considered a “second-tier” candidate back in 1992 after the “A Team” Mario Cuomo had concluded Papa Bush was unbeatable. (I learned this from Dr. Marc Lamont Hill.)

4. Bill Clinton went on to beat the unbeatable Papa Bush (who had raised taxes in a recession), and then Bob Dole, and serve two terms, bolstered by the budget-slashing Republican Congress. (Most Democrats forget about the budget-slashing Republican Congress part. Which is the only reason Clinton got re-elected, other than running against Drying Paint.)

5. Governor Palin has always relished defeating incumbents (Stein, Murkowski) rather than waiting for an “up” year against a weaker challenger. Apparently, she likes it when the heat is on. Just sayin’. (The GOP “Drying Paint” Establishment doesn’t have a single incumbent beater on their “B” team. Paging Palin to aisle ’12. Clean up on aisle ’12.)

6. And speaking of aisles and rooms, according to the New York Post’s Cindy Adams, Bill Clinton and Sarah Palin are the only two living politicians who “own “every room they enter. Interesting, huh?

7. Insert your own random thought.

8. I’m just hoping that after two terms with her budget-slashing Republican Congress, President Palin can bring down the price of energy enough so that even us barbaric, sun-scorched second-tier migraine sufferers can afford our own Star Fighter Super Squirter Swimming Pool Spaceships … and maybe even a swimming pool, too.

Meanwhile, crank up the window unit, slather on the sun screen and let’s save those polar bear cubs …. with a refreshing beverage! Who doesn’t like a refreshing beverage?

Oh, and congratulations will soon be in order for Track and Britta Palin later this summer or early fall. So, I’ll raise a Coke toast to the young couple, and offer to help name the littlest member of the Palin den.

If it’s a girl, I’m hoping they’ll opt for Truth Palin … Isn’t that just perfect?

If it’s a boy? How about Trouble?

After his paternal grandmother, of course  …

As in, here comes Trouble, GOP!

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