Record Brevity of Untruth for Politico!

We have to hand it to Politico. They’ve proven today that they can’t even go two sentences without being wrong when it comes to Governor Palin.  They have a short piece up about Governor Romney’s upcoming trip to England to raise funds from wealthy Americans abroad. Here is the piece in its entirety:

Mitt Romney is slated to have private sit-downs with top officials while he’s fundraising in London next week, potentially including Prime Minister David Cameron, per the Globe.

The story raises the possibility of a get-together with Margaret Thatcher, which would be noteworthy on a few levels – including her recent refusal to take a meeting with Sarah Palin.

I suppose that when Politico gets their information from the British version of themselves, the UK Guardian, they are bound to get it wrong. The problem for Politico is that the Thatcher foundation and a former aide to Thatcher have both dismissed the absurd idea that she has rejected meeting with Governor Palin.

Politico may wonder why we constantly correct them. Let’s allow Margaret Thatcher respond to that herself, ” [o]f course it’s the same old story. Truth usually is the same old story.”


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