Taking a Skeptic to See ‘The Undefeated’

Guest Submission by Kathy Ozanne

“The Undefeated” is a documentary. For 1 million dollars, we were not going to get special effects, wizards decimating entire populations of unsuspecting humans, or light shows. We were going to see a documentary film that did little to no traditional advertising; in fact, there were no posters for the movie anywhere to be seen, and I made it a point to walk around and look.

The show started at 2:15, and the theatre recommended you appear 30 minutes early; I wasn’t sure if there would be a long line or not, and it was a hot afternoon, so we got there 1 hour beforehand. It was a good decision.

People with Tea Party Patriot T-shirts were ahead of us from all over the state; some folks had driven up from places like Tucson, Quartzite, Sun City West and Globe. As spread out as the Phoenix valley is, it can take you a good hour to get from Sun City to Ahwatukee, where the theatre was. The line moved quickly, and we were inside the theatre with about 45 minutes before showtime. My skeptic husband complained that we were stuck hanging around with nothing to do for 45 whole minutes, but that complaint got shot down as soon as we started lining up.

Time passed quickly as we started talking with the folks before and behind us in the line. We talked about how we all hoped this film would be a game changer; that people would realize the depth of the influence of the media complex on American thinking by exposing the lies they promulgate about Sarah Palin and a lot of other things. I met a lady who was with the Latino Republican caucus and we talked about possibly suggesting that the DVD be subtitled in Spanish in order to reach the Latino population.

The other big question was “Is she running?” Very few said no. Some said she started running the day she resigned her governorship, and I could understand that statement. Of course, there is the statutory limitation on her announcing a candidacy, which expires next week. And we all buzzed about her recent statement to Hannity that August or September would be a good time to announce a decision. We all hoped it would be the decision to run.

Eventually, those folks that attended the earlier showing started coming out of the screening room, and there were some very enthusiastic folks walking out. There was whooping, hollering, thumbs up, some tears, lots of smiles. It was at that point that I met the Mayor of Quartzite, AZ and Jade Jones, the lady who was dragged out of an open town council meeting for exercising her first amendment rights. More on that in another post. Small groups of people were talking excitedly, and as I walked into the screening room, I turned around and asked one lady how it went – she gave me a huge smile and said “WONDERFUL!”

The movie opens with an excerpt from the Sermon on the Mount. “By their fruits ye shall know them.” A montage of celebrity quotes follows for the next few seconds, and while I thought I had pretty much inured myself to some of the awful things that have been said about Governor Palin, somehow having it on a big screen in front of you makes it much more disturbing. The word that comes to my mind is ‘horror’. My next thought was ‘these are the people who are influencing our children and young adults’. Yes, ‘horror’. These people are walking dead, destitute of soul, evil, and the media is pushing them on our progeny as ‘cool’ and ‘role models’. Think about that for awhile. Look at your child and ask yourself if you really want them to adopt the behavior of a role model who calls a Downs child a ‘retard’, or his mother a ‘c**t’.

After that, we learn a lot about what started Governor Palin down the long strange path of political life and the various ways in which she served. Believe you me, this woman is no dummy. She believed in the servant heart, yet another Biblical principle exemplified by none other than Jesus Christ Himself when He said that the greatest among you shall be your servant. She served Alaska, she didn’t rule over it. She did what she thought was best for her state, not for her political agenda or her career. I have no doubt that she would carry that same servant heart to the Oval Office.

This movie was very important for more than just the truth about Sarah Palin. As its producer, Steve Bannon said, this movie is not for the Palin fan. This movie was for those who did not know about her, or for those who were skeptical about her. It was also important that people realize just how embedded the media complex is in our society, how it infiltrates our brains in ways both subtle and gross. We must resist it, and the only way to do that is to get up off the couch and search for the truth.

When the movie was over, DH and I went to dinner. It was a silent walk from the theatre to the car, and I felt like it wasn’t time to ask him “Well, what did you think?” just yet. I just kind of let it lie until we got to the restaurant. Then I popped the question.

He looked almost anguished when he said “I like her and I think she’d be a great president, but…”

He was worried about her family. The level of hate he witnessed in the opening segment of the film impacted him deeply, and he expressed great concern about her and her family’s welfare. I asked him if he would have the same level of concern if Todd Palin was running, and he said certainly. He did agree with me when I said it was highly doubtful that one took a job like the Presidency without recognizing the danger that comes with it.

He seemed overcome by the vastness and the wickedness of ‘the machine’ as he called it; it was too big to beat. I reminded him of the mention in the film of “The Five Stones” and that those stones were carefully selected by a young Jewish shepherd boy named David, who then used them to defeat the giant called Goliath. The film used that scriptural account as an allegory, but the principle remains the same. What isn’t discussed in the movie is that the Bible says that David RAN to meet Goliath. Yes, the machine is big, but if we carefully select our stones [or find them, in the case of the GOP] and we run to the challenge, we just might win.

He didn’t believe me. I asked him if he knew who the Three Percenters were. I explained to him how, during the American Revolution, only 3% of the population actively fought against the Crown. Of the rest, some supported them, some opposed them, many just sat it out to see how it would all end, and others did nothing. I told him that this little David of 3% was the beginning of the greatest nation on earth. If Goliath is too big to beat, like he was thinking, then why fight for this country like we did in Europe, the Pacific, why bother? Just sit down and shut up and at the end of your life, wonder if you could have made a difference? Maybe that was good enough for him, but it would never be good enough for me.

He asked me if I thought that Sarah Palin could save this nation. I said no, not by herself. She needs us as much as we need her. In the movie, she said she was not interested in the fundamental transformation of America, she wanted to restore the fundamental greatness of this country. There was nothing that needed changing. We the people are the key, we are what makes America great. We cannot pin our hopes on one person, we have to look first to ourselves and find the way to take our country back to its greatness, person by person, letter by letter, rally by rally, step by step.

Then he asked me how to get involved. I told him he took his first step when he agreed to go to the movie with me. Now, he needs to tell others what he thought and what he saw. He’s coming with me to a Tea Party meeting this week; he can see and decide from there. I’m not asking him to ‘convert’ or anything like that; I want him to make an informed decision, because the consequences of decisions can last a lifetime.

All in all, a good movie, one that provoked a lot of thought in me and my skeptical friend. Not sure how DH will fare with what he’s learned, but I’m as committed as I ever was to supporting Sarah Palin because I believe she has the right heart for the job. That’s what I said, the right heart. Her track record is proven, if you take the time to search it out and stop being spoon fed by the media complex. Her track record is proven, her heart is right.

I hope she runs. I’ll be right alongside her.

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