The American Research Group Pours Cold Water on Rick Perry’s Calling

According to the American Research Group, Rick Perry trails Jon Huntsman in Iowa and is tied with Rudy Giuliani in South Carolina, an area that is supposed to be one of his strongholds. Rick Perry cannot possibly blame the result on the fact that nobody thinks he’s running as the mainstream and conservative media have all but reported that he’s running. The name recognition argument is misleading anyway considering that the voters who know Perry are already the most conservative elements of the party. The people who do not know Perry yet are the more moderate elements of the party and they aren’t likely to support him to a greater degree than the support he is receiving from those who do know him.

As for the actual South Carolina poll, the good news for the Governor is that Bachmann and Cain won’t be around by South Carolina and that’ll leave 23% open for her. The only reason why Mitt “peacetime” Romney leads in the state is because Tim Pawlenty and Jon Huntsman are completely hapless as both men trail…..Buddy Roemer. It’s clear that Romney probably has a ceiling of around 30% in South Carolina and the Governor should be able to surpass that percentage if Bachmann and Cain are no longer polling in double digits.  Obviously Romney benefits from any poll that shows Bachmann/Cain leading Pawlenty/Huntsman by a 23-0 margin.

Keep in mind too that the Governor’s numbers are being held down by the false impression that the mainstream and so-called conservative media have created about whether she’ll run for the presidency. She’s been able to improve her numbers by an average of over 6% from ARG’s April polling of Iowa, New Hampshire, and South Carolina even though 80% of Republican and Republican-leaning independents have been misled by the mainstream and so-called conservative media into believing she will not run and endorse Rick Perry instead.  Her numbers will clearly rise once Governor Palin makes it formally known that the mainstream and so-called conservative media have been lying about her political intentions.

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